Best Shopping Deals of the New Year

Many retailers promote major markdowns on winter coats, boots and electronics.
3:00 | 01/03/14

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Transcript for Best Shopping Deals of the New Year
We have the holidays and you know they're almost over almost almost but you can still get -- They're all there yet again you know what I guess god is no -- today with a single wheels and deals throughout their native said he got itself present. A -- yeah -- -- divided Palestinian that's appeals for the new year here's our chief business correspondent -- -- Hits the -- will be here which means rock bottom prices at many of your favorite retailers. That is New Year's deals on sale this weekend. Major mark yeah. And easy is belted deep -- -- offered no 130 dollars down from. At Eddie Bauer down jackets like this one now -- down from 200. An old Amy this bulky coat unsealed this weekend for -- thirty dollars down from 75. It's up to 60% op -- -- Black Friday didn't originally -- now 35. Best buying offering electronics. 40% -- like his iPhone 5 as typically 200 dollars. Now 120 -- with a two year -- -- trying to get rid of their old merchandise to bring in the -- and that means even more discounts on holiday sweaters. Holiday merchandise boots we turn here and electronics plus it's. The best time of the year to stock up on Christmas cards ornaments wrapping paper and home to court. Target Wal-Mart Macy's even many grocery and discount stores offering upwards of seven. Percent off holiday merchandise hoping to clear at last your -- this weekend's. And something for anyone who wants to get healthier -- is waiting 2014. You are in like it here in New Year's resolution is to work out -- a lot of that person dies is discounted up to fifty to 60% of his people want. -- five treadmills even gym memberships in the -- Good Morning America Rebecca Jarvis ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Many retailers promote major markdowns on winter coats, boots and electronics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21411410","title":"Best Shopping Deals of the New Year","url":"/GMA/video/best-shopping-deals-sales-year-21411410"}