Best Times to Book Your Holiday Travel

ABC News' Genevieve Shaw Brown has tips on how to best save money when booking holiday travel.
1:56 | 11/08/15

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Transcript for Best Times to Book Your Holiday Travel
The lives of Americans will be on the move during the extended Thanksgiving week in effect it's shaping up to be the busiest Thanksgiving travel season since 2008. 23 and a half million Americans are expected take to the skies. Joining us now with our holiday travel tips for Thanksgiving and beyond his Genevieve brown ABC's travel and life style editor ought to be what is the best time to purchase your ticket. But the best time would have been around Labor Day that I right now you have to book leniently. Expect his pay about 15%. More. As we get closer to the holiday we're talking days now it is time right out of luck token abnormally families booked their tickets together is that the best way to go about what's not the cheapest flat. I because different sections of the plane are priced differently. You may actually get a cheaper price if you can split the family only you know if your kids all the assets alone are but what her what went out. RB one imagine but I pregnant separately met at a battered yup but did a lot of us live in areas where there's a large airport and a smaller airport. A shorter distance away stay in Boston for the Manchester, New Hampshire which is better to get the best field. Boston five are all in ways the larger airport even if it means a longer drive he did that a smaller regional airport in your home airport large airports. Are your friends more competition means lower prices and that issue author OKV the big question here is. What are the best days to fly during the Thanksgiving holidays. Thanksgiving Day itself is going to be the cheapest shortest lines last axle very keep flight delays but that's not possibility for everybody. So you want to looking early in the week so that heart on Sunday and Monday and he had. Don't returns. Tuesday filed with the hot and that you travel that Sunday or Monday you're gonna fight. A lot Eilat money that as a premium that's what everyone wants to cap off. How about waiting for our students better guidance absolutely look lobby complete collapse are gonna pack OK thank you very much Ed Henry brown for the travel.

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{"id":35055318,"title":"Best Times to Book Your Holiday Travel","duration":"1:56","description":"ABC News' Genevieve Shaw Brown has tips on how to best save money when booking holiday travel.","url":"/GMA/video/best-times-book-holiday-travel-35055318","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}