Bette Midler Says The Cast Of 'Hocus Pocus' Wants To Do A Sequel

ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
3:01 | 11/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bette Midler Says The Cast Of 'Hocus Pocus' Wants To Do A Sequel
Good afternoon I'm Terry Cain and you're the top I stories buzzing online right. Coming in at number five remember in 1993 spellbinding Disney classic hocus pocus. Well hold on your broomstick because Bette Midler says all of our fever feel and we kids. Are ready to reunite for best people made their ticket read it thank you RD Khamis Turco starts Sarah Jessica Parker and happy New Guinea and they're all in. Midler then called on her fans to lobby the producers at Walt Disney so you'll want to conjure up a little more hope he spoke with magic that power is in your hands people. Coming in and never for muggles unite a group of college kids in the UK air raiding money to create their own fan film beef on the Harry Potter stories. Here's a look at the teaser trailer it's called mud blood in the book of spells and it focuses on a wizard who is expelled from hot ports per. Retaliating against fully. The screenplays are even written the cast is sorted all these fan. Need now is 63000. Dollars to fund it unfortunately there's no magic potion for that. But thankfully the idea seems to be casting a spell among users on kick starter at 6 o'clock for them. At number three here something written pressing snooze button for. 380. People a broken the world record for having breakfast in bed yet wrecked sick in bed. That the Gemma letting participants curled up under the covers and eight crew sounds noodles and fruit at a hotel in Shanghai China. The big sleep in was drugged up by an organization that raises awareness about breast cancer. And it was clearly hit with a horizontal signers smashing the previous record which was set in Australia in 2012 with yes 200. Eight people. Connie and number to you we love that we see start hanging out real lights to check out this girls' night out. With Taylor switch Kelly Osborne and Chris ET. The ladies hit at the ultra fancy and delicious new blue rexrodt New York City for a belated birthday celebration for Kelly. Taylor rat looking very chic for the girls get together turning play any of heads with their stylish look at she always does. And it appearance she had a blast later tweeting these are two of the greatest girls and I'm still laughing from tonight. And finally at number one. Cutest thing ever interviewed seeing you choose Dodd shrinking machine. He surely the best inventions at the camera phone Nikola. Wednesday's. I. And while it. I just hope it's still retained if house training skills after that little change or real. Still be sure to tune in to DNA from more pot is tomorrow for ABC news I'm staring me in New York have a great day.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26871310","title":"Bette Midler Says The Cast Of 'Hocus Pocus' Wants To Do A Sequel","url":"/GMA/video/bette-midler-cast-hocus-pocus-sequel-26871310"}