Beverly Hills Mansion for Rent at $600,000 a Month

Nick Watt takes a tour of famous luxury home that's now for rent.
2:40 | 03/02/13

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Transcript for Beverly Hills Mansion for Rent at $600,000 a Month
Our favorite stories of the week we couldn't resist bringing it to you again this morning. It's a truly -- -- kind rental opportunity and the heart of Beverly Hills. Perfect for a large family or all of your friends seventeen bedrooms 29 bathrooms even a little nightclub for entertaining all yours for a mere. 600000. Bucks a month ABC's nick -- taking us on the tour net. Who could possibly live and a place like -- -- -- could be used. Not. As possibly an understatement. I. If you can afford the rent 600000. Dollars a month yes you heard me right it's not my accent 600000. Dollars a month. William Randolph Harris lived his final years here with that glamorous movie star Marian Davis and he pulled the ceilings with him. From his console in the -- Steve Martin -- the place when the chair it riches. We'll -- the eggplant -- Chicago under don't want any vegetables. Live here in the bodyguard. You might argue that Harris is -- -- dragged -- the cost. We'll know this view this is this legendary a view from Hollywood movie -- -- be. That's a famous Americans for the godfather. Only yours with money thousand dollars -- they could of the gigantic. Security deposit on the has anyone ever the now. It's one of the only old school Beverly hills estates left is also were safe. To the right spot. And most likely it's going to be a buyer who live here. Maybe six weeks eight weeks out here has mobile -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some will get a pay -- 115 million bucks to live here for six weeks a year exactly. By already we're talking seventeen bedrooms 29 bathrooms and nightclub and -- -- -- it's like him and the alliance for the vintage French -- -- the utilities the utilities included. -- -- I wish I could say it was -- and -- but it's not it's lovely I'd love to live here they would -- it really is 600 grand a month. It would be nice if I can dream about a dream of and I will benefit. Well. Nothing wrong with champagne wishes and caviar dreams the good morning American -- what ABC news Beverly Hills. And -- saying it's true you would think he may give me a little -- -- -- and that's not really I really classy restaurant. 100000 not talk about -- taking on osment yes I don't know ask -- Yeah I think 'cause -- -- make blood and employment for fighting the minute yeah. And a gentleman --

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{"id":18636139,"title":"Beverly Hills Mansion for Rent at $600,000 a Month","duration":"2:40","description":"Nick Watt takes a tour of famous luxury home that's now for rent.","url":"/GMA/video/beverly-hills-mansion-rent-600000-month-18636139","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}