Beyonce Second Pregnancy Rumors True?

Singer and husband Jay-z may be expanding their family.
2:34 | 05/18/13

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Transcript for Beyonce Second Pregnancy Rumors True?
So it appears the rumors may be true. Beyonce and jay-z may be expanding their family. May be beyonce's pregnancy rumors began flying earlier with clays blue ivy is going to have a new playmate. Or new rival. Abc's linzie janis is here with this story, of course, everyone wants it to be true. Of course, they do. It seems she has gotten her wish that blue ivy will have a brother or sister. Several sources at e! News have confirmed the star is pregnant. ♪ Who won the world ♪ Reporter: Could it be true. Is blue-have a about to be a big sister? She's spoken about wanting to give blue ivy a sibling. We've learned beyonce's wish is coming true. Reporter: If what e! News is right then beyonce's baby number two is on the way. The rumor mills in overdrive ever since she showed up in a givenchy number elaborate enough to hide a baby bump. The rumors are a clever cover-up. Reporter: It reached fever pitch when the hot momma was forced to cancel a show in belgium after doctors told her to rest. A week before that the superstar told "gma" she wanted a sibling for her 1-year-old daughter. I think my daughter needs some company. Reporter: E! News is citing several sources but beyonce's reps are keeping quiet for now. I think beyonce and jay-z know what they're doing. Not too much happens in a life that isn't well thought out and well planned. Reporter: In her february hbo documentary she revealed blue ivy's bump. I want you to foal the lump growing inside of me. Reporter: Waited until the last possible moment to show it to the world at the 2011 mtv music video awards. Now the burning question what will pregnancy mean for the rest of the mrs. Carter world tour? I wouldn't be surprised if she canceled more dates if she's just not feeling up to it. Her tour is very physical and she's going to do what's right as a mommy first. Reporter: According to e! News it will likely not impact any of the scheduled dates. The tour now in europe comes stateside in june and wraps up in early august by which time beyonce would be heavily pregnant. She performed in zurich last night keeping up with the tour with a growing belly would likely be a challenge for the megastar but she's never shied away from challenges before. She did it before. I can't imagine doing those dance moves heavily pregnant. I can't imagine doing those moves when not pregnant. Linzie, thanks. Coming up, justin bieber, his monkey and a big price tag.

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{"id":19207894,"title":"Beyonce Second Pregnancy Rumors True?","duration":"2:34","description":"Singer and husband Jay-z may be expanding their family.","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-pregnancy-rumors-true-19207894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}