Bidding Wars: Fighting to Find a Family Home

Ferocious bidding wars have become the norm in a real estate market that is hotter than ever.
7:07 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Bidding Wars: Fighting to Find a Family Home
-- cities. Two houses to price points. And two couples caught up in a national feeding frenzy it's absolutely crazy -- award. It's the hottest real estate market in years you have to be very aggressive right away ours is gone -- expected to crest -- -- this so quickly. So compassionate -- with. Every buyer is going bonkers leasing. So we headed out to spend two weeks on the front lines of the bidding wars with the shark herself Barbara Corcoran this question and not -- -- -- the -- just aren't enough test program. Which is why this unassuming listing in highlands ranch Colorado is suddenly the talk of the suburbs. A three bedroom three bath with vaulted ceilings and a -- -- backyard listing price 329000. Dollars. It's a special house -- was a house my mom -- day and I went somebody's gonna love it as much as my mom -- in as much as I. -- -- New parents keep embryonic Johnson have been house hunting for weeks. But there's been multiple houses that we've attempted to put offers in and by the time we called. It's they're they're they're gone -- got to regenerate -- look at life. Some aren't quite relate I don't have to call -- the stairs to get and maybe a little bit small but then they get -- -- -- house it's quite hear her. It is nice -- It's a beautiful house it's a nice big yard and there's a lot of trees. I like this -- alive outbid on two other houses already they are now prepared to fight. Yeah I think we're gonna definitely for an -- house but winning this isn't going to be easy. Meanwhile across the country in this upscale New York suburb real -- is Johnson's -- His ranch style home with five -- three and a half bath or just affinity -- and a brief -- -- the yard. As an asking price of one point 35 billion dollars. Owners John and Jackie Walter have lived here for seven years but this seller's market not come at a better time it is bittersweet to -- Even -- -- you can eat fish can etiquette here that you have made fueled by a mind. Cash hit. Can actually listening to percent -- a bit more important than what -- The -- after hitting the market there's an open house for brokers only. He -- -- perfect but this buyer shows up uninvited. At a huge kind of -- -- -- don't. Doctors so VA -- and a single mother of two who decides she wants this house on the spot to see myself living here. We'll take it from -- there more than -- thing is. The house on the market for about eight hours so -- -- the house first but I'm and I. It's beautiful to meet her competition. -- and Jonathan won -- -- they're twins here we just -- to be Smart and intelligent about this but there's no question we really like this. -- they also decide to put an added. But Sophia -- grows -- and Jonathan out of the running. And then -- third -- swoops in with an even higher offer and it looks like it's all over. They submitted the offers to me and we do have a clear winner. But Sophia isn't taking no for -- -- over the next three days she -- her bid twice. And that's the winning strategy we -- up with her as she signs the contract. They kept making it people -- -- lots -- -- so until she signs she can technically still ask for a moment. I hope that I have that his client did -- -- and. -- Jackie Walters say they -- only being fair for all parties involved India and Sophia paid more than 100000. Dollars over the original asking price. When you little white hot market that you have now you have to really picture belly up to the Bard goal and reached father than you ever thought you'd have to June. -- Back in Denver Rihanna and heat are excited to put in a bid for their Denver dream home in highlands ranch. We are trying to talk her 310 pennies. An hour and our -- -- that Hopson. To edging out the competition they add a personal touch to their bid. So we sent a letter over talking about -- we actually loved the house we really think it's just perfect for -- writer included. Fingers crimes. And not I don't know what -- -- Four letter to be effective it should be short and sweet and hand written. Coast to coast -- happy buyers all sealed the deal with the emotional pleas. He. That you -- path to Sarah and -- here. We're getting married couples searching for a moment and in the end and -- -- in your house. Time to find out if that letter -- -- -- keep the leg they think they got a pretty good shots and we sit here pretty -- and a. -- -- Here down. The city's streets so we're all anxiously waiting for a phone calls. Is -- -- with a baby that they send adorable pictures and Levy. And nice letter this. The hi can actually be less than three -- tell you. Yeah. So why she can't act you angry parents to hear planes there's English. -- -- And fortunately we have not selected your her. -- that there isn't as he sat. And so you know the news you were hoping for incidents hasn't -- it's a pretty big let down we were pretty convinced we had a good shot this time at this how both embryonic and heat have decided they it'll take some time off before continuing their search engine. Can can yeah. Just a few days later in Scarsdale New York Jody is out on the house hunt again. And after being outbid on yet another house and -- -- -- this charming four bedroom colonial with an asking price of one point 279 million dollars. And called -- -- -- and today we want to see this festering now we authors ask and we got it. And we would be happy is people ever. Finally after seeing approximately forty -- is a victory for -- and Jonathan. -- have today. I'm super excited I think this season I dream house and we know that this is going to be a home that -- filled with a lot of -- and -- happiness and for Nightline -- be on -- military -- Scarsdale New York.

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{"duration":"7:07","description":"Ferocious bidding wars have become the norm in a real estate market that is hotter than ever.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23710667","title":"Bidding Wars: Fighting to Find a Family Home","url":"/GMA/video/bidding-wars-fighting-find-family-home-23710667"}