Four Bikers Appear in Court Following SUV Rage Attack

SUV driver makes first appearance since melee caught on tape.
2:23 | 10/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Four Bikers Appear in Court Following SUV Rage Attack
developments in the road rage attack by a pack of motorcyclists on the driver of an suv in new york city. We're seeing the man behind the wheel for the first time since that terrifying melee, which was all caught on tape. And on friday, four of the bikers accused in the case appeared in court, including an undercover detective. Abc's gio benitez is here with more. This detective could be in a lot of hot water. Absolutely. Good morning to you, bianna. Police are combing through more videos and photos, showing the mob attack from new angles. Just as the alleged victim makes his first public appearance. Some of the bikers have charges from criminal mischief to manage assault. This morning, for the first time in weeks, we catch a glimpse of the young father caught in the middle of that infamous bike attack. Outside his apartment, alexian lien said nothing. But police did. The investigation is ongoing. A total of eight arrests in the case. Reporter: Just two weeks ago, a group of bikers was caught on video, surrounding lien's black range rover. His wife and child also in the suv. Lien tries to get away. Moments later, some of the bikers attack the suv. And police say lien was pulled out of his vehicle and beaten. Many of the bikers went before a judge friday. But rushed out of the courthouse. One who didn't show his face is an undercover cop who was off-duty that day. Here he is on his red bike. Police say another video shows him bashing the suv. While his lawyer says he's innocent, police charged him with gang assault. What could he have done to diffuse the situation? Yell out to everybody. The cops are coming. His loyalty should not have been to those comrades and colleagues of his. But to the innocent man, his wife and his child in the car. Reporter: This morning, investigators wonder if other cops were also there. Something new york city's police commissioner isn't ready to talk about. No. We're not going to discuss it. Reporter: And the new question this morning, what exactly set off the violence? A lawyer for one of the bikers reportedly said, a water bottle may have been tossed from that black suv to provoke the bikers. Lien's attorney is not talking in this case. Two weeks on and the case is riveting.

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{"id":20551921,"title":"Four Bikers Appear in Court Following SUV Rage Attack","duration":"2:23","description":"SUV driver makes first appearance since melee caught on tape.","url":"/GMA/video/bikers-court-suv-rage-attack-20551921","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}