Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes Final Dance on 'DWTS'

Nye powered through knee injury for a shot at mirror ball trophy with partner Tyne Stecklein.
4:33 | 10/01/13

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Transcript for Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes Final Dance on 'DWTS'
Starting with "dancing with the stars." It was the final dance for bill nye the science guy. And he impressed the judges by powering through his injuries. To perform with that type of injury takes guts. It takes determination and bravery. And I'm sure lots of celebrities, if they had that would just fold and give up. And that shows a lot about the man. Well done. Valiant effort. Not quite enough. Bill is here this morning, with his partner, tyne. How are you? Hey. Good morning. You really did, bill. You did. Boy. And looking dapper. Hi, tyne. Nice to have you both here. 80% of your quadricep torn? Yeah. How are you feeling? Fabulous. This is all missing. Well, you're of a certain age and you load it up. I love that you take the scientific approach as you explain it. And you're so cool about that. You never got to do your test tube dance. The test tube dance. I predicted. You predicted? I did. We did the robot. It was logical. Uh-huh. The robot was logical. You had to be, let's say, creative, because of the limitations with the injury. And I thought it was genius to go with the robot. We needed to do something that allowed for locked legs. The one leg had to be. I tried to pull some fun moves but mainly upper body, arm movements. Just weren't going to quit. No. No. Keep in mind, from a scientific standpoint. I did look at the thing, i looked at the mri. And I made a call. You can see if you just don't move it -- speaking of science, and it's breast cancer awareness. My mom had breast cancer. And back in the day. And she had heavy radiation and this and that. It's my suspicion that medical doctors are doing everything they can to identify the gene. But maybe we need other scientific disciplines. Maybe some chemists. Maybe some physicists. Maybe it's a coiling of the dna, not just the sequence. Think you may be on to something. And run together like that. I need to say thank you for everyone. You have become singularly popular and successful by bringing science to a place -- to the world, in a way that's cool. I love that. You are amazing. And you're absolutely right. Well, it's just an idea. I may be wrong. But there's one way to know -- one way to make sure it will never make that discovery. Exactly. Science i.Q. Go way up, tyne? Trying to. She did grow up. Most of it went right over my head. I don't think it went over it. I think it went kind of over here. Yeah. We can do -- means tail. Did you know that? Birds and airplanes have empennages. Oh, no. It is i. Quickly, we have to wrap up. But how was this experience for you? It was the coolest. Watching you was the best. It was the coolest thing. It was great. What I love about television, everybody, is it's still handmade. I love that. And the people who make that show are experts. You were a lot of fun. Let me tell you, guys. The professionals really are that. She's extraordinary. She's a world-class athlete. She's an outstanding choreographer. She's a wonderful coach. And she's a cheerleader. Keeps you in the game. Yeah. You guys were great. We'll find out who the next is to leave next monday at 8:00, 7:00 central right here. Thank you for what you said. And sharing about your mom. Just trying to change the world here, people.

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{"id":20429869,"title":"Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes Final Dance on 'DWTS'","duration":"4:33","description":"Nye powered through knee injury for a shot at mirror ball trophy with partner Tyne Stecklein.","url":"/GMA/video/bill-nye-science-guy-takes-final-dance-dwts-20429869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}