O'Reilly on Kids' Technology Use, Bizarre Elton John Encounter

Fox News host and author of "Keep It Pithy" discusses the state of U.S. politics, pop culture.
3:36 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for O'Reilly on Kids' Technology Use, Bizarre Elton John Encounter
Best-selling author here to talk about "keep it pithy." Thanks for coming back. I was flipping through the book last night. This is a different kind of book for you. A lot of things you've written before but kind of like you went back and annotated it. Look, the world is changing in a very profound way and i don't know if everybody understands how quickly it is changing. Some good, but a lot of bad changes so guided to put a lot of things in there. Not an advice book, per se, some politics but there's a lot of stuff that, say, listen, this is the problem you're going to face and here's how you might want to handle it before it starts to harm you and your family. One of the surprising things you talk about is we're both fathers of young children. Yours a little older than mine but talk about how tough it is. It's the toughest climate ever for kids because of the machines. Because of these computers. Can't get it off them. The crux of the matter, it's a immediate gratification without effort. It used to be you want to win the game, you got to play the game. You got to play better than the other guy. You got to practice. Now the machines take all that away. Here's the game, you don't have to practice, you don't have to do anything but this. It's opium. They get addicted. They don't want to go outside. They don't want to make friends. They don't want to get dirty and you got to control that or it'll take the whole -- it'll take over your whole family. Coupled with something else you talk about. The whole culture of every kid is a winner no matter what. Sure, because now the pop psychologists say you can't make your kid feel bad even if he sets the house on fire. You know? The kid sets the house on fire, I'm going to make him feel bad. We have a lot of common sense in "keep it pithy" but say here's the problem. Here's what you might want to consider. You have a lot of observations from a lifetime in journalism and had barbara walters talking about her retirement just a little bit ago, talking about her proudest moments. When you look back at all your interviews, all your shows what do you look back and say I'm proud I did that. Two thing, one of jessica's law stuff, 48 out of0 to pass tough prison sentences for child mole molesters, we drove that and these track chairs for the 1700 military amputees and paralyzed from iraq and afghanistan. They cost $15,000 each. I want to get a track chair for every single mary tyler moore amputee and paralyzed person. And we're well on our way to doing that and those are the things, not so much I do in my career, it's what I can do off that that mears most to me. I guess one of the low points from reading the book is the car ride with elton john. I got a little gossip in the book. I was in a car with elton john one time. Longest car ride of my life. I'm pretty good conversationalist. You and I could talk for hour, right? Every time I come on, it's easy to talk to stephanopoulos but I'm trying to talk to him. You're a brit. Come to america. What do you like about this country? Uh, you know, it's like, okay. It's a little bit funny. I started singing his songs. You didn't. Yes, I did to relax the guy to say, how do I sound here? Crocodile rock, you know. But he -- he's a kind of a guy who I guess he was suspicious of me as many people are. He didn't really want to engage in that conversation so it's a funny story in the book. Funny story in a fun book. "Keep it pithy" out right now. Out right now.

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{"id":19175421,"title":"O'Reilly on Kids' Technology Use, Bizarre Elton John Encounter","duration":"3:36","description":"Fox News host and author of \"Keep It Pithy\" discusses the state of U.S. politics, pop culture.","url":"/GMA/video/bill-oreilly-interview-2013-pithy-author-describes-bizarre-19175421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}