Billie Jean King, Marc Benioff Talk Workplace Equality

Tennis legend Billie Jean King and Salesforce CEO and philanthropist Marc Benioff discuss how they're working together to fight for equality.
3:54 | 12/02/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billie Jean King, Marc Benioff Talk Workplace Equality
I have been looking forward to sharing this with you. Tennis legend Billie Jean king served up one. Biggest moments in sports history when she took down Bobby -- that was more than 40 years ago waging another battle. Not on the tennis court, in the boardroom. I recently sat down with my good friend Billie and Marc benioff, the CEO of sales force to talk about how they're working together to fight for equality. Billie Jean king is phone for her legendary matches on the tennis court but she's also a passionate human rights activist. I felt like I've always walked on a tightrope trying to be good to people, kind to people but also to give them a way to start advancing equality. It is so difficult. Reporter: Which is why in 2014 she started the Billie Jean king leadership initiative to create equality in the workplace. We need more women and more African-American CEOs and the lgbt community is important to be safe and be their authentic self. Important to listen to the CEOs. Reporter: One CEO in particular is making a difference. Marc benioff, a philanthropist and leader of the groundbreaking company salesforce, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Billie is one of my heroes. I mean I've loved her forever and her fight for equality is a fight that we share at salesforce. I strongly believe that CEOs today need to fight for their employees, for their equality. As a visionary, Marc knows that without bold leadership, be bold, positive change won't happen. Reporter: At Billie's leadership symposium Marc received the inspiring leader award, one of the night's highest honors. We have to fight for all equality for one simple reason. I the path to our own happiness. It's our own elevation. It's our own elation. It's our own enjoyment of our life all comes through equality. Reporter: Marc made headlines when he opened his company's book, saw there was a difference in what he was paying men and women and fixed it overnight. With one button a CEO can push that button and make a change and that's the easiest change you can make and say, yes, equality for all. We pay women and men the same and that's really what we're standing for and that's just one of many parts of our foundation of equality. Seeing how he looked at the data, he made equal pay for equal work, you know, he brought the women up to par, that is huge. That sends a such a strong message to the world and to the people that want to go to work. Together this dynamic duo is moving the fight for equality forward and paving the way for future leaders from all walks of life. This is about what you and me and you can do to make the world better and whether it's public schools or pay equity or volunteerism for your favorite nonprofit or church or synagogue or mosque, now is the time for all of us to do one thing and if we can do one thing I know the world will be better. Don't always dream. You still have to do it. Dream big but then you do it. You can't just keep dreaming your whole life. I know some dreamers that they've drept their whole life and they haven't done anything either so you've got to make some goals and keep trying. Yeah. Good point. A great point. I know but every time I'm around Billie she's a dear friend. You're just energized but what Marc did was open the book, simple to see what you're paying your employees and equal pay for equal work so he's challenged other CEOs to do that. You know that tennis match battle of the sexes was 1973. Yes. It's being made to a movie. Emma stone playing Billie and Steve carell. Check out the resemblance. A picture that Billie tweeted. Let's go upstairs to Lara.

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{"id":43919644,"title":"Billie Jean King, Marc Benioff Talk Workplace Equality ","duration":"3:54","description":"Tennis legend Billie Jean King and Salesforce CEO and philanthropist Marc Benioff discuss how they're working together to fight for equality.","url":"/GMA/video/billie-jean-king-marc-benioff-talk-workplace-equality-43919644","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}