Billionaire Investor Says Babies Are 'Killer' to Women's Focus

Paul Tudor Jones apologies for comments he made at University of Virginia panel.
2:42 | 05/25/13

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Transcript for Billionaire Investor Says Babies Are 'Killer' to Women's Focus
-- -- comment made by one of the richest man in the world that has so many women seeing granted. A respected hedge fund billionaire known mostly for -- Philanthropic work is making headlines this morning for what he said about working moms. -- his Lindsay Janice is here with the latest on there's growing backlash a lot of people -- You've got the story indeed good morning guys that we've just heard Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg in Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer weigh in on the working mothers debate but the comments from a superstar investor really riled people. Paul Tudor Jones is a legend Don Wall Street a billionaire and the philanthropist but this comment about working moms this -- Is that babies -- That's -- bad girls both -- forget it. As many wondering if he's also a sexist. Tudor Jones is a father of four and one of the richest man in the US according to Forbes. The remarks came after he was asked why no women were part of this panel of -- traders at the University of Virginia. -- Jones says the lack of great women traders is because motherhood is a focus killer he explained upheavals like babies and divorce can translate to losing money. Every single investment idea is going to be overwhelmed. Not data modem connection. -- -- That mother and that they be. The media response was an immediate oh no he didn't. Cosmopolitan dot com's headline read blame hedge fund mogul says breastfeeding ruins perfectly decent business women. Well you know I had two children -- -- a working woman. Jamie Zimmerman is one of the most successful female investors on Wall Street. She says none of her staff moms or dads have missed a beat the -- that work for me love their kids just as much as the women. They -- just -- connected to them it doesn't affect their work. Far from losing focus and accounting firm found that female -- fund managers performed three times better than the industry as a whole during 2012. In a written statement Tudor Jones apologized. Same gender bias is quote antithetical to who I am my remarks offended and I'm sorry. -- the investor and philanthropist also said -- off the cuff comments were about an elite group of macro traders who require a special amount of focus. And you guys run away and tennis I. But that statistic -- -- two -- twelve. Women did three times better in the hedge -- verse that says a -- act. Let me me he apologized for the comments stupid thing to say he's raised a lot of money does is that a lot of good things from him throughout his life in his career he has and my mom held out to a three jobs at one time -- racing -- I think we can do. And I'll talk about anything yet thanks -- visit.

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{"id":19255590,"title":"Billionaire Investor Says Babies Are 'Killer' to Women's Focus","duration":"2:42","description":"Paul Tudor Jones apologies for comments he made at University of Virginia panel.","url":"/GMA/video/billionaire-investor-babies-killer-womens-focus-19255590","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}