Crystal's 'Monsters Inc.' Character Is His Favorite He's Ever Played

"Monsters University" star chats about the prequel to the hit animated Pixar film.
3:50 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for Crystal's 'Monsters Inc.' Character Is His Favorite He's Ever Played
They are back, in what is sure to be the summer blockbuster for america's kids. The crowd from "monster's inc." Will look at their college days in "monster university." Billy crystal is here. I don't mean to get emotional. But everything in my life has led to this moment. It's not just the beginning of my dream. But all of our dreams. Phil, keep using the oiptment until that thing goes away. I wish you all the best. Thank you all so much. I'm welling up with tears. Now, get off. Welcome to billy crystal. Thanks for being here. Thanks. We just heard josh about to tell us about the in depth research for "the killing season." How do you research mike? I hung out with a little one-eyed green guy for about two weeks. We did our research. We know that mike is starting college in this movie. We wanted to get a shot of you, beginning college at marshal university. Oh, god. There he is right now. I was a disc jockey at marshall university. That was the way I performed there. That was 1966. I was 11, I think. You're looking good right there. You said that mike, one-eyed guy is one of the greatest characters you ever played. I relate to him. He's a little guy in a big man's world. He's so optimistic. He doesn't let anything get in his way. And he loves his friends. He's a leader. And I felt a kinship with that. Loves his friends. And loves his work. You get to work with one of your good friends, sully, john We worked together, too. That's the key word. Usually in these movies, you're in separate studios or you don't work together at all. But on the first one, I came in. And he had done his part. So, I said, I can't improvise anything because his stuff is already done. Can't we call him? And see if he'll come in. And he did. And it makes the relationship very true. It's really funny that way. And our emotional scenes, which this movie has. Very emotional. I had all my kids over last night, with a couple of friends there. They were completely mesmerized. I was, as well. This movie has something for everybody. It's because they're 17. They're young kids in this movie. And the moral of this movie is sometimes your dreams don't work out. move at that point in your life when you start to make decisions, the ones that will impact the rest of your lives. The people at pixar are just geniuses. Always working the story. And always have something for everybody. There were no zombies. You're telling me, I was surprised, when you all do the voices, you can't see anything. You don't see. No. I didn't see the finished movie until about a month ago. We do the voices first. And then, they animate to what we do. We play around so much, that if we -- like, in the first movie, they explain to you, where you are. Oh, you're walking on to the scare floor. All these monsters will be around you. An they have pictures of some of them. I said to the director on that one, can there be like an ooze on the floor and this big snail thing goes by? Yeah, we could try that. And then, you have a big slug walking across, leaving a slime thing. Billy crystal, thanks very much. That's it? That's it. What did I do? That's it? I'd love to say -- we have

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{"id":19446051,"title":"Crystal's 'Monsters Inc.' Character Is His Favorite He's Ever Played","duration":"3:50","description":"\"Monsters University\" star chats about the prequel to the hit animated Pixar film.","url":"/GMA/video/billy-crystal-interview-2013-monsters-character-favorite-played-19446051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}