Billy Ray Cyrus Revisits Claim 'Hannah Montana' 'Destroyed' His Family

Country music star discusses his career, family and new book, "Hillbilly Heart."
4:40 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Ray Cyrus Revisits Claim 'Hannah Montana' 'Destroyed' His Family
Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus is -- with a new memoir. Hillbilly at heart he opens up about his troubled youth his rise to stardom and of course his very famous daughter we're so happy to have him here with us this morning Billy -- -- Okay. Yeah wrote this book because you said it was just -- time to tell your life story you you go with a lot of intuition you say you hear voices and names they -- -- and you're not and that's a good. Word Florida intuition. And -- -- To me it was obvious I was at a crossroads of my life but sometimes we're here to crossroads -- a good time to look back and see where you've been. Take accounting for where you're at your current surroundings and then. Gives you better purpose restricted to look forward to the future know where you wanna go when he people's surprise people most about reading this. I think the honest either truthful and I saw early on -- open up the book actually Johnny Cash. Speaks in the book before -- do Johnny Cash wrote a letter and acting on -- two. The book opens up with the letter and what he said in the letter. And then the fact that. I have -- little quote from the book to solve this is the truth will be your shielding your Butler it's hard to tell the truth sometimes I leave it sometimes is painful. And and embarrassing. And I -- -- in this book there are some things that tell about I -- just very honest and other -- us and I think you write about how did you have to ask I can't speak at. I asked though Bob. -- -- three B Jesus for Christmas ones I was picture that if you looked at one direction it did what they look another. And I wanted to how it's still haunts me and I pray for forgiveness -- this. To this day and it -- even worse when a footage of -- -- -- -- in the book news. When when -- -- I could've and should've probably -- the story out but again it it is about forgiveness. And -- -- not being honest and opening up and then letting people see -- that you two are like everyone else we're all flawed. Most people know you as either -- Miley Cyrus and dad or of course the man -- saying -- -- achy breaky heart. Don't people know about you what do you want to know I think what they don't know they'll find out when they released. Good luck dinners and it's a very open confession. Let's talk about Hannah Montana your daughter the show you were in two years ago. Use said that -- -- destroyed your family what was the impact of that statement -- -- are threatening thought I regret doing an interview that was Robert first mistake. Never do an interview where you're mad and hurt was an honest though at that moment not. Not really helped his man I was hurt -- dog. Just never sit -- interview that was the honesty out the truth is. -- love Hannah Montana still love the show Hannah Montana and obviously I love my daughter Miley and I love all these brands. Yeah Disney ABC they've been very good to me my family and I -- count my blessings you read the book Andre I'm not mad at anybody I'm very very thankful for the slot that. God has blessed me and allowed me to live. In the Johnny Cash letter that's what he writes to me is it's good to be reminded were all things that are good come -- almighty god -- Well and then let's and speaking of more positivity and putting that good news for I know you -- in -- -- -- you expressed how you feel through music through song and we've all as a country collectively been -- A lot this week with the tragic events in Boston what just happened in west Texas. And I know you want to pay tribute to our country with the song America the beautiful. Moving. Yeah. -- -- -- -- God she lives -- is great news Nall. -- -- -- Okay. And lots of Texas god bless our country -- -- their governments to tell.

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{"id":18988513,"title":"Billy Ray Cyrus Revisits Claim 'Hannah Montana' 'Destroyed' His Family","duration":"4:40","description":"Country music star discusses his career, family and new book, \"Hillbilly Heart.\"","url":"/GMA/video/billy-ray-cyrus-interview-miley-cyruss-show-hannah-18988513","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}