Black Friday Approaches But Deals Are Available Now

Many retailers are rolling out deals in advance of the big day.
3:00 | 11/23/13

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Transcript for Black Friday Approaches But Deals Are Available Now
Back here at home, as you brace yourself for holiday shopping, know this. Black friday is a week-long event. It's already started. How can you play this to your advantage? Abc's rebecca jarvis has much more now. Reporter: If black friday is the super bowl of shopping, consider this the tailgate part by. Complete with a week-long pregame show. It's game time. It is game time. Reporter: Walmart kicking things off with deals like this leap pad 2. Original price, $79. Now $39.99. And x-box and ps-4 video games. New price, 49 bucks. You want to shop early for great black friday gifts, you're going to be able to do it all week. Reporter: Amazon, rolling out deals online eve ten minutes. Starting on sunday, this 50-inch flat screen, $229. Target, kmart and sears, also getting in on the act. Sears, beat the rush event, already under way. With deals on appliances, like this dishwasher. This is normally $20. Reporter: Every store, hoping to prewin this weekend. In case you would rather skip out on the turkey time chaos. This year, about 13% of us plan to shop the real black friday. That's down from 20% four years ago. And the ceo of best buy summed it up like this for us. He said, basically, this year, this week, every day is like black friday. So, you don't have to camp out overnight in front of a store to get the best deals.

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{"id":20989335,"title":"Black Friday Approaches But Deals Are Available Now","duration":"3:00","description":"Many retailers are rolling out deals in advance of the big day.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-approaches-deals-now-20989335","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}