Black Friday deals and doorbusters in stores only

While many retailers are closed today, stores like K-Mart and Best Buy are open, hoping to lure customers with special doorbuster savings.
2:56 | 11/23/17

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Transcript for Black Friday deals and doorbusters in stores only
Turing to Black Friday bargain hunters 32 million say they plan to start buying today and are not just getting an early start online. Kmart, target, JCPenney and best Buy all open for door busters this morning. Alex Perez is in Chicago with those trying to get an early start, Alex. Good morning. Reporter: Hey, that's right, good morning, Amy. This kmart store is already open. 10% to 50% off a lot of things inside the store doing whatever they can to get people off their computers and phones and into the store. It's already happening this morning. I was here Monday night. I'm number one. If you're not first you're last. Reporter: Shoppers camped out for days in front of stores to get first dibs on the deepest Black Friday discounts. I have a portable propane heater and two sleeping bag, a bunch of blankets and things to keep me occupied. Reporter: What has basically become a holiday tradition could soon be a thing of the past. According to the national retail federation, the number of in-store shoppers on black Friday decreased by 3 million people last year. Retailers are taking notice. In 2016 just 10% of all black Friday door buster deals were offered as in-store only options. This year, that number cut in half. Down to just 5%. Because of Amazon, most of the stores can't offer the door busters that they used to. They have to compete online. I don't think Black Friday deals are going to go away and will probably be equal so that they give the consumer the choice to go either way. Reporter: With more than 6,000 brick and mortar stores shuttering their doors this year alone, some retailers are going to extremes. Fighting to get those shoppers who want to feel and see the deals with their own hands into their stores. The holidays are very personal, so people kind of want to touch and feel things, as well. Make sure it's the right gift. Reporter: Retailers turning to in-store only deals with deep discounts. Like Best Buy offering this 50-inch sharp smart TV, 179 bucks. That's a $320 discount for going into the store. And one in-tore deal that a lot don't think about buying a new car, many dealerships right now offering big incentives to get people inside the door. Amy. I know, but, Alex, a lot of stores decided not to open today, which ones are they and why? Reporter: Yeah, that's right. You know they're being called Black Friday purist, these stores that believe the customer really just wants to come in and feel that holiday tradition of shopping on Black Friday. Stores like T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom, Home Depot, staples, Costco, Sam's Club all those places closed on Thanksgiving. I'm sure their employees are happy about that decision. Alex, thank you. That's an important point actually Alex, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"While many retailers are closed today, stores like K-Mart and Best Buy are open, hoping to lure customers with special doorbuster savings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51342761","title":"Black Friday deals and doorbusters in stores only","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-deals-doorbusters-stores-51342761"}