'Black Panther' stars dazzle at premiere

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:38 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for 'Black Panther' stars dazzle at premiere
A lot going on. So, this morning it's the premiere of marvel's "Black panther" as you guys talked about starring Chadwick Boseman, has everyone talking. You guys saw the stars on the red carpet pouncing, if you will, in L.A. Monday night. Lupita nyong'o stunning in Versace. That is an incredible look inspired by the movie. Her stylist said -- there's Angela Bassett it up in yellow naeem khan and Michael B. Jordan going all black and looks like the director Ryan kuge ler has a ma massive picture on his hands. Stunning visual, iconic performances and a real excuse my language freaking story, their words. "Black panther" has the goods. That is what "Vanity fair" is saying. Look for this sleek beast to saunter into theaters on February 16th, everybody. A lot of talk about it. That's good to hear. Going to live up to the hype. I love that. Yeah, it sounds great. Also in "Pop news" this morning, Gwyneth paltrow, we love her. She just hosted a goop health wellness summit for the first time here in New York City over the weekend. A feel good be your best version of yourself kind of conference featuring innovative products, spa experiences and panel suggests with wellness experts. Gwyneth herself and goop celeb friends like drew barrymore, Laura Linney. There's drew. Chelsea handler participated in the event. Gwyneth says she would like to make it a global brand. I think she's well on her way and has a special message for us. Good morning, America. I mean, love that. That was her special message. Putting a lot behind it. She is. She is. She believes in. Some of it is high-end. Inspirational, aspirational and believes in it so you got to do you. That's right, that's right. Finally, everybody, we end with our friend Tom Hanks who wants to be your neighbor. This morning it's being reported by "Variety" that the two-oscar winner will play the legendary Mr. Rogers. That's perfect. So word is it's a biopic titled "You are my friend." The script follows a doubting journalist who wants to white a certain kind of story on Mr. Rogers but over the course of researching his subject finds his perspective on life transformed and we can understand how that can happen. After all, this is the man who caught us to be curious for 33 years on pbs. Remember this. ??? It's good to be curious ??? ??? about many things ??? Come on, everybody. ??? That's right. In the garden of your mind. I loved Mr. Rogers so much. It's good to be curious. I wonder why he always took off a sweater to put on a sweater and took off shoes to put on shoes. He 33 years of programming. Had to kill time. Fantastic. And I think Tom Hanks is the right call. Production on "You are my friend" begins in September and as I said, Mr. Rogers ran for 33 years on prbs, no shortage of stock footage there. That's "Pop news," everybody. Doing a great job, Lara

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52702272","title":"'Black Panther' stars dazzle at premiere ","url":"/GMA/video/black-panther-stars-dazzle-premiere-52702272"}