'Blackish' Star Anthony Anderson on Tackling Controversy

The comedian shares how the cast of the hit show manages to add humor to not-so-humorous topics.
5:27 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for 'Blackish' Star Anthony Anderson on Tackling Controversy
we can profit off their stupidity. You want to bet against the banks. They're going to think we're high or having a stroke. Of brilliant. ? Fraud has never eve worked. Eventually things go south. When the hell did we forget all that? ? How can the banks let this happen? It's fueledstupidity. Tell me the difference between stupid and legal and I' av hlleye' mifot wbrs her arrest and you -- I'm going to need to meet Yo mom and daddy. I mean you all have taken on so many controversial topics with comedy and entertainment but also with hearts and enlightenment but the "N" word is the taboo of all taboo top picks yet you took it on. We took it on. We really wanted to do it last year but because, you know, we were a new show and it was kind of basically low-happening fruit we pushed it back to our first episode this year and pride ourselves on having topics that are divisive and that creates dialogue. It's okay to laugh. It's okay to laugh. It's okay to laugh. I mean, you know it's better to feed someone some information with a teaspoon than a sugar than with a tayspoon of salt. Very well said. I know that you are always pushing the envelope. What can we expect this season. Well, we're coming out with the "N" word episode tomorrow and follow that up with my character wanting to buy a handgun, something else that's polarizing in our society in America today and health in the black community so those are our first three shows that are right out the gate. Coming in like a lamb. Yeah, we are. We know president Obama and the first lady are big fans of the show. And I understand you're petitioning them to actually be a part of the show. We are. We are. How is it going. They haven't returned any of the petitions or the calls or the letters or the e-mails. I think I'm banned from going to Washington, D.C. Now. Not just the white house. They are keeping me out of the district of Columbia. At least you're entertaining them. Yes. All right, so I understand now because we've been promoting this we're going to turn the tables here. I know you're the host on the food network. You're used to being a host. Yes, I am. So I think it's time now to turn -- Turn the tables. Where is my turn the table music. Literally and figuratively. Whoa! All right. We switched places. We switched places. All right. O. Joining me now is "Good morning America" news anchor Amy robach. She's Ang award winning journalist, the fearless reporter, mother of two beautiful daughter, inspiration to viewers everywhere, Amy, great to have you with us this morning. How are you. Thank you for having me. No, thank you for gracing me with your presence. How does this turn the tables thing feel so far. Really good. You just said lots of nice things about me so. Takes the onus off you. You have to sit as an interviewee. In my extensive research for this segment I learned you were a gymnast as a child. Did you ever win a gold medal at the olympics? No, but I got third place on vault once. A third place on vault. Ah, I guess my research wasn't that extensive. I should have known that. Your husband Andrew Shue starred on "Melrose place." Women around the world had an infatuation and lust and love for him. Did you while watching the show before meeting him? No, I liked Jake. You liked Jake. Yeah, I was a grant showgirl but thankfully he EE Andrew shoe not Billy. I wasn't into bill. I as a foodie you mentioned the food network. One of your guilty pleasures is truffle fries. Ah, yes, with parmesan. That's the best. It is. That's the best. All right. We love celebrity guest correspondent "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson with us this morning. Fans of hit show have been waiting including my entire family for the summer to end so we can have the kickoff to season two, the big premiere just one day away.ay away. We actually have sneak peek. Ony lecturing the kids on the"n" wo I almost said it. Get a few Thi straight. Dad, it's not -- quiet! Please. The "N" word is not for everybody. You cannot say it. Yo uef dinitely can't say it. Hell, you better N evennk Thi it Taylor, what is on your bucket list. I have always wanted to jump in an rv with all my kids and go to the grand canyon. That's your bucket list. That's something I want to do. But it requires me getting vacation days I haven't been able to secure so anyway -- Let's get Amy some vacation days so she can jump in the rv with her children and take it off her buc and eats a bucket of truffle fries. Amy, it was a pleasure speaking with you today. Now we'll turn back the tables. Oh, all right. Let's turn back the tables. Oh! Nice job. Whoo! "Black-ish," season two premieres tomorrow night at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"The comedian shares how the cast of the hit show manages to add humor to not-so-humorous topics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33943069","title":"'Blackish' Star Anthony Anderson on Tackling Controversy","url":"/GMA/video/blackish-star-anthony-anderson-tackling-controversy-33943069"}