Blaine Lourd on His New Memoir, 'Born on the Bayou'

The Wealth Management CEO explains how his new memoir reveals how he went from the bayou to the boardroom.
4:03 | 08/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blaine Lourd on His New Memoir, 'Born on the Bayou'
Here with me now Blaine lord whose new memoir "Born on the bayou" reveals how he went from the bayou to the boardroom. The wealth management CEO painting a picture of Louisiana in the 1970s and his relationship with his father. Blaine, thanks for being with us. It is an incredible, incredible read. I first want to say that and, second, you decided to write "Born on the bayou" after what you call a moment of clarity. Tell me what happened. Thanks for having me, Amy. I -- I always thought about a way to kind of honor my heritage and then, you know, several years back I had a triple bypass. At 45? At 45. I had a subtle little symptom. I was at an lsu football game with my two sons walking hand in hand, I got shortness of breath with my brother-in-law. He looked at me and said, are you okay and I was like, I'm not sure. The next day we flew home. I felt bad and I called the doctor. Just so happened I coached his son on one of my youth sports teams and he answered his phone. I told him about the symptom. He's like, I think you have something we should talk about. Went in to see him, 24 hours later I was on an operating table. At that moment, you know, anyone who's been through a major medical scare knows your life changes and you start reflecting and I know a lot of this book focuses on your father whose nickname was puffer. Puffer. He was an oil man who did well for himself in the 1970s and went from living if a single bedroom home to a 16,000 square foot mansion. How did that impact your life? It's a great question. We -- you know, my brothers and I lived in a one bedroom bunk bed, two bunk beds and one on the floor and then, you know, one day my dad caught this wave, you know, of oil prices that went up and I like to say he was in the right place at the right time and he was and, you know, we rode that wave and he rode it with us and then, you know, as commodity prices went up, we picked up some mild consumer habit, joined the country club and life was great. Life changed. You and your brother are incredibly successful. You run one of the country's top wealth management firms and your brother Brian is the co-chair of CAA and, yet, we hear so much about tiger parenting. You said that your parents were laissez-faire parents, not what most would consider a recipe for success yet it worked for you. We had kind of very simple rules. Make sure you're home before I leave in the morning. You can have a beer at 10:00? You can have a beer at 10:00, just one. Really they focused on manners and general literacy and my dad was big on manners and big on the ten commandments and just big on honor. But had you to figure things out for yourself which worked in your case. What do you want readers to take away from this book? You know, I'd like readers to understand that, you know, like you said, I went from being a young man to being a middle-aged man overnight and, you know, I think in life, we spend a lot of time holding on to things and disappointments from our parents or our brothers and sisters and even our friends and, you know, this book is a 50-year relationship that I basically had with my dad but it reminds me of us impermanent it all is and to love more than resent and love more than hate. Important messages. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you. Blaine, "Born on the bayou" is available in stores and online now.

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{"id":33176689,"title":"Blaine Lourd on His New Memoir, 'Born on the Bayou'","duration":"4:03","description":"The Wealth Management CEO explains how his new memoir reveals how he went from the bayou to the boardroom.","url":"/GMA/video/blaine-lourd-memoir-born-bayou-33176689","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}