Daddy Blogger Calls Play Dates 'Garbage'

The stay-at-home father of three says that scheduled play times stifle creativity and independent thought.
4:05 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for Daddy Blogger Calls Play Dates 'Garbage'
the daddy blogger on a mission, wants to ban play dates. Calling the scheduled play times, this is his quote, garbage. It's shared by so many parents right now, and we have the details. Most important play date. I need you to sparkle, sweetie. I'm going to sparkle like it's fourth of July. I was talking to Lilly. Mitchell and Cameron take Lilly on play dates. And William and Kate took baby George on one in New Zealand. But Pennsylvania father Chris is using his blog, dad in charge, to call on parents to banish the play date. Play dates take away the creativity that kids learn from playing on their own. Reporter: He is nostalgic for his childhood when it was organic. My mom didn't organize everything. Go outside and play. If there was no one to play, we invented games. Reporter: He worries that parents are dumbing down kid's ability to be independent thinkers with the scheduled activity, and then wrongly blaming themselves with kids have nothing to do. In my experience, it means when they get bored, they are going to come back to you and say I'm bored. Reporter: He says he wants to make sure his children, ages 3, 6, and 9, are learning how to make plans on their own. The little girl over there, a little boy over there that I'd like to play with. It's up to you to go and introduce yourself. Reporter: But parenting experts point to the benefits of play dates, helping kids grow intellectually and socially. Learning how to share and be consider at of others. He can see the benefits for young children, he's just not a fan of the whole experience. It makes me feel like I should be preparing a cheese plate, and some activity that as a host our guest kid will be taking home a fabulous parting gift. It's a little awkward. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Linzie Janis, ABC news, Philadelphia. And joining us, Andrew Shue, and married to Amy robach. Take this away and what you think and how you work out play dates. Hit it. On mad life, we talk about old school/new school. This is classic, old school, kick the kids out, lock the door, let them figure it out. New school, plan everything for their lives. I believe in the old school. We figured out, you go to the sand lot, go down the block, make friends. The more we get involved in our kid's lives, we mess it up. It's about us more than then. They are helpless when we do everything. I love old school. It's a little more complicated in the city. A little more stress. Go to the park and make new friends, don't have to be constantly be hooking up with other people. It's very difficult to coordinate that. And it's all on the parents. I think boredom is the key to life. Spurs ingenuity and creativity. Letting them get bored, how to play store, make up games. We made up games, and it's what makes childhood great. Those elementary school years, get your kids out of the house and push them to make their own friends. I'm sure there's a faction of people who would say, if you push them out and let them go, who knows what they might get themselves into, but that's part of being a kid. That's the problem. They're all so worried about the safety stuff. I think you have to -- you have to let them get the freedom. That's how they grow, that's how they learn. What about parents trying to get together with each other's kids, the parents are friends, they want the kids to be friends. If they want to create relationships. That's not bad when they're little. But it can't be about the parent, but what's best for the kid. Giving them Independence is the best thing. Woohoo. Complete agreement. We had a "Gma" flash poll.

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{"id":24738272,"title":"Daddy Blogger Calls Play Dates 'Garbage'","duration":"4:05","description":"The stay-at-home father of three says that scheduled play times stifle creativity and independent thought.","url":"/GMA/video/blogger-dad-calls-play-dates-garbage-24738272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}