Book It: The Best of the Best Books in 2016

The "GMA" anchors share their favorite books of the year.
5:22 | 12/20/16

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Transcript for Book It: The Best of the Best Books in 2016
Closing in on, Christmas, five days to go so we're all still searching for last-minute gifts. We have great ideas right now. Good books that we're all recommending this year. Nothing better than a good book, right? I think it's a great gift. A great gift but this year we want to switch it up. I want to see if you can match this first book to the host up here to see who you think picked this book for their Christmas list. We need the audience to help us out. After I read the description, going to go. A tale of love and intrigue about a former special ops piles to goes to the ends of the Earth for the husband she thought she knew. Clap if you think it's Amy. All right. How about Lara? How about George. All sound the same. How about me? They don't think it's you. Because it's love and intrigue. They're right, it's you, George. It is me. I'm recommending not one but two. Harlan, my good friend. Great guy and great writer. Master of the page turner. You get to the end of one of his chapters, you got to go to the next one and "Fool me once" his new book this year now working with Julia Roberts on a possible movie. That could be great. That's exciting. Congratulations, Harlan. I was doing a lot of politics this year. These are great escapes. If you want to start with one, which one do you recommend? Oh, that's a tough one. For fans of Harlan he brings back ail all ter ego in "Home bt but they're both great. This is probably the one to start with. Yes. "Fool me" -- Merry Christmas. I'll give you mine. You like, George, you picked two. One is more the mind and one for the eyes. I picked "The light between oceans" has anyone read it. This is a movie. Thank you, thank you so much person in the back. I want you to consider reading this. It is a beautiful story and it's a lighthouse keeper and his wife and the decision they make and ramifications. One review said, I hi it sums it up. It is a thoroughly beautiful tragic book with two characters strong enough to carry you and your heart from opening page until the last. You cannot put this down. I love the movie, I have to say. It was a movie with Michael fassbender, not bad to look at and aleash that vikander. They fell in love filming this. You know a lot about this. The book is even better. Paperback right now. Not expensive and great read and the other is so gorgeous. This is "The art of the Hollywood backdrop" and comes in a gorgeous cover that shows the set from "The wizard of oz." How about in a digital age this is a lost art. The painted backdrop and this celebrates the history of those. This is a scene from "Sound of music" and it looks so lifelike. Beautiful love scene with Julie Andrews and all painted and great stories. There's a story about "Hail, Caesar!." They actually recycled -- I'm a big fan of rescue, recycle and reinvent and recycled all the backdrops from "Ben-hur." A lot of great stories. Great Hollywood -- Pass that one to me and I have the cover in my room. Merry Christmas to me. Amy. What you got. "When breath becomes air" this is such an inspirational book. For those who don't know the back story he was a 36-year-old neurosurgeon saving people's lives, a genius beyond words and diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and people say, oh, that's a heavy book. It is such a powerful book. He says when you don't have a future, when you realize your future is gone you are forced to live in the perpetual present. That's how we all should be living. None are guaranteed tomorrow so through dying he learned how to live and he didn't survive finishing the book so his wife finishes it. I tell you it is a love story. It is the way to live your life and it will start you anew on January 1 to start living your life differently after you read this book. I highly suggest it. My book, my book is by my good friend Trevor noay. From a south African childhood. Trevor is the host of "The daily Show." "Born a crime." I love this book because it shows how he ended up where he is now and the things he had to go through growing up in south African to a black mother and Swiss white father and his dad had to walk on the other side of the street from him because at that time it was not legal in that country. His mother would have to get behind had imor let his hand go as they walked down the street. If the wrong people came that way and it was a love story for his mother who has gone through so many hard times but yet inspired had him to be where he is now so incredible book by Trevor Noah and all these books.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors share their favorite books of the year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44294882","title":"Book It: The Best of the Best Books in 2016 ","url":"/GMA/video/book-best-best-books-2016-44294882"}