New Book 'Will It Waffle?' Gets Tons of Tasty Buzz

Daniel Shumski joins the "GMA" team to discuss his new book on how practically anything can be waffled.
3:45 | 08/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Book 'Will It Waffle?' Gets Tons of Tasty Buzz
? I'm walking on sunshine ? Look at that waffle go. And don't waffle on this. Try out the latest food trend. It's our friends at buzzfeed doing it again. Going viral with a video, unusual foods in a waffle iron. And the man who literally wrote the book, Daniel shumpsky is here. He's asking will certain foods that you never imagined waffle, and oftentimes the answer is yes, correct? Absolutely, yes, it will waffle. We have some kpachls here. And this surprised me. Good old Mac and cheese. Is there a trick to it? No, it just works really well on the waffle iron. Especially great for left over Mac and cheese. We have two people willing to taste. Audience, the question? Will it waffle! Absolutely. This is fantastic. Yeah, absolutely. The waffle iron cooks it with high heat on both sides. So you have the crispy outside, and the cheese is super melty inside. This has breading? You bread it a little bit. You do. It make it is a crunchy on the outside. Does everybody have enough. Waiting for the team to weigh in. I like it so much, I'm eating with the knife. Aside from having that, any tricks -- is there other tricks? Not really, nope. Okay. Well. -- It waffles. Absolutely. It does. Salmon and ravioli? These are super-simple. Pick up the ravioli from the grocery store, and the salmon, nothing complicated. Do you think it will waffle if. I have to check, hold on. Audience? Will it waffle. That is the question. And the answer is -- a resounding yes. But should we say, how does it taste? Here a piece of salmon for you -- Dipping sauce. What's great about the dipping sauce, the waffle, you can collect the sauce in the nooks and crannies. It's perfect. And ditto for the salmon. Fantastic, absolutely. It's an appetizer. All right. That's one. I'm waiting for the next one. Hold on, please. The last one is on a cookie of some sort, Daniel, talk to me about that. These are chocolate chip cookies. Nothing wrong with them out of the oven. It can take a while, you have to make a batch. What's fantastic about the waffle iron, you can make two cookies in just a few minutes. Let me confirm that. Audience? Will it waffle? It will. They look fantastic. What I love about this, you look at them, and your eyes say waffle, and you taste them, and it's chocolate chip cookie. Yeah, it's fantastic. How long does a cookie take? Two minutes. So much faster. Much faster, don't heat up the whole house. I love the idea of a giant cookie. Whipped cream. You can put the dough in the freezer and pop a couple on when you're ready. It's fantastic. Answer a question we have all been wondering. Let's ask it one more time, shall we? Will it waffle? And Daniel is the man. His book is awesome.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Daniel Shumski joins the \"GMA\" team to discuss his new book on how practically anything can be waffled.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25112202","title":"New Book 'Will It Waffle?' Gets Tons of Tasty Buzz","url":"/GMA/video/book-waffle-tons-tasty-buzz-25112202"}