Boston Bombing Suspects 'Didn't Seem to Have Escape Plan'

ABC News analysts Dan Abrams and Brad Garrett discuss how the investigation "smoked out" the suspect
1:30 | 04/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Bombing Suspects 'Didn't Seem to Have Escape Plan'
In case you can kind of conflicting indications here. These guys have a lot of firepower would suggest they must have had some kind of help on the other hand hitting -- whole to percent of eleven. They definitely seemed on prepare for the amount of attention that they suddenly received the and you have to give law enforcement credit here this is all moved very quickly. In terms of figuring out where the devices were what the devices were. -- the people -- Don and then putting up those pictures so quickly the -- -- that these suspects felt the heat. So quickly the fact that they felt they had to go rob. A 7-Eleven don't show you that they didn't seem to have an escape plan and maybe they weren't prepared for the authorities to come after -- this quick. Let's go to Brad -- for a little bit more on that the FBI releases those pictures yesterday more pictures. Overnight in that just creates an overwhelming volume of new information they can act on it smokes out. The suspect -- It's it's really incredible I've been in this position before in high profile cases and you've got to have the manpower. To start cutting through them figuring out what's relevant and what's not because. Percentage wise most of it is is is not helpful. But united in today's world because when you release something today millions of people had to have access to it. You start getting leads immediately within the initial Brad the initial best information came from -- strict surveillance cameras correct. I think I believe that that George I think may be coupled with Lord & Taylor department store close by.

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{"id":18996698,"title":"Boston Bombing Suspects 'Didn't Seem to Have Escape Plan'","duration":"1:30","description":"ABC News analysts Dan Abrams and Brad Garrett discuss how the investigation \"smoked out\" the suspect","url":"/GMA/video/boston-bombing-suspects-didnt-escape-plan-18996698","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}