Runner Recounts 'Helpless Feeling' at Seeing 'Horrific Injuries'

Boston Marathon participant Demi Clark describes feeling disoriented after blasts, finding her family.
2:08 | 04/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Runner Recounts 'Helpless Feeling' at Seeing 'Horrific Injuries'
Here now -- Danny Clark ran the Boston Marathon yesterday just steps away from the explosion when it happens to you wouldn't just crossed the finish line. We heard the explosion. I was right about to crack defendants. Had. -- -- -- Saturday tremendous. Cannon like -- smile laugh and not immediately and that's part of the race and that's not an official who is facing interaction in the last night just. Just had -- horrified look kind of -- and knew immediately that it wasn't normal. And then look -- after the column in the current Anderson let me second blast went on. -- your friends and family -- nine and seven year old daughter and my name and husband were in the bleachers. -- -- -- -- -- they feel the explosions as well they've saved face and maybe it's not me it's amazing -- feel everything it was good just rocks that entire area. Tell us more about that moment -- must've been so disorienting. Personally area at the end of -- marathon day which is hard enough with the embassy. Here crying it was this helpless feeling seeing runners seeing bloodied people see anybody seeing seeing people up against. Friends and then the first responders -- over and consuming just. Just disoriented people what you do how do you react have you respond it was just terrifying how did you find your. I saw them -- Danced my husband is 64 into the forties -- he had one child under each arm and I cited him again it was amazing and I and I just had an official holding me back necessarily tell them that BAA was trying to get runners to keep going Florida -- now I'm gonna find my family. And they let me go and we found each other and my children are in tears and I was in tears and we just tried to get. So terrifying that one when those -- said he received. -- -- -- -- -- It's just horrific injuries just just a lot of head wounds and just cut sand and and stars and -- Size -- people that were down on the ground and a lot of the runners to my -- -- I was just running when we're down and just a war zone it was what I would and I think that a war zone -- look like. Never never in America.

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{"id":18967992,"title":"Runner Recounts 'Helpless Feeling' at Seeing 'Horrific Injuries'","duration":"2:08","description":"Boston Marathon participant Demi Clark describes feeling disoriented after blasts, finding her family.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-explosions-runner-recounts-helpless-feeling-18967992","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}