Colorado Flooding Breaches Two Dams

Roads have been destroyed and towns cut off as out-of-control waters ravage Colorado.
3:35 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Colorado Flooding Breaches Two Dams
urgent crisis in colorado. The floodwaters there are out of control. You can see, there is a man who is racing to open the floodgates. He puts his own life in danger to open them. Dramatic rescues through the day and the night. We'll bring you the very latest. Such an urgent situation. A lot of information coming in right now, sam. You're watching a woman in the water in that video. She can't keep her balance in that heavy water. We're showing you all of these pictures from the boulder area. We're talking about a very large area. Let's go to new pictures of big thompson canyon. That's between estes park and loveland, colorado. In that boulder at this loveland area, at least three highways are gone. I'm going to say it's four or five. Highways gone. You see how the water is rushing so hard, it undermines the road surfaces and carves out below them, three to five to ten feet of ground. This is incredible amounts of water. You have to understand that this part of the area is right on the edge of the foothills. So, all of the rain that's been raining in the mountains is rushing right down into the small rivers, creeks and streams. You're getting pictures like this. The rainfall totals coming up with half a year's rain in just a matter of hours. That number right here, that ft. Carson number, is ten inches of rain in four hours. Our clayton sandell is right in the middle of it all. Good morning, clayton. Reporter: Good morning, sam. Overnight in boulder, we have a whole round of new evacuations. And look at this. A whole lot of new water. Six inches to a foot where I'm standing now. And you can see behind me, people have abandoned their cars in the water, which is still rising to dangerous levers. Overnight, flash flooding in boulder, colorado. The sirens have just sounded again in boulder. As growing floods have cut off almost every road to this city of nearly 100,000 people. Flash flooding is imminent. Reporter: A dam breach causing a surge of water, mud and debris to rip through this residential town. The owner of this home, frantically signaling for help. In commerce city, thousands of people told to evacuate immediately, as life-threatening rains overpowered yet another dam. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Wow. We felt that. Reporter: This morning, hundreds of residents in the remote town of lions are trapped, on the wrong side of a raging river. If the water comes over 24 bridge, this town is gone. Reporter: It may be days before their rescued. In the meantime, no sewage and no running water. This, after a day dive teams in boulder saved this woman and her dog. And this remarkable scene, a road completely wiped away. Rescuers braving the rapids to frantically pull out a car. A man discovered inside. He'd been under water for an hour. He found a pocket of air. And he was sitting there breathing in that pocket of air for a while until the dive people could get to him. Reporter: After a few harrowing minutes, the man was freed. His injuries only minor. And this morning, officials believe that three people have been killed by all this flooding. They're hoping that number doesn't go up. Once they're able to get into these areas that are still cut off. The residents are being told to shelter in place. Get as high as you can. Will the dams hold? There's additional rain coming, up to two inches of rain. We'll have the forecast later on this morning.

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{"id":20245978,"title":"Colorado Flooding Breaches Two Dams","duration":"3:35","description":"Roads have been destroyed and towns cut off as out-of-control waters ravage Colorado.","url":"/GMA/video/boulder-colorado-flooding-dams-breached-thousands-evacuate-20245978","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}