Bowe Bergdaghl Finally Returns to the United States

The prisoner of war recently freed in controversial exchange with the Taliban has been transferred to Texas military base.
2:23 | 06/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bowe Bergdaghl Finally Returns to the United States
Now, to new details about the condition of sergeant Bowe bergdahl, freed in a controversial prisoner swap with the Taliban two weeks ago. He's back in America. But not yet seen or talking to his parents, who pushed so hard for his release. ABC's Jeff Zeleny has more from Washington. Good morning to you, Jeff. Reporter: Good morning, Rebecca. You're right. He is back in the U.S., in what army doctors call a good physical state. But it was a quiet, American homecoming for sergeant Bowe bergdahl, whose release is still steeped in controversy. This morning, sergeant Bowe bergdahl is waking up on American soil for the first time after returning from five years of captivity as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan. At a medical center in Texas, bergdahl is talking. But so far, not to his mother or father. The family understands this process at this point in time. Reporter: Officials say it's his choice. He's not asked to speak with them. ABC news has learned he's called a close friend, a woman named Kim, who released some of his e-mails to "The Washington post" that reportedly show a fragile state of mind before he was captured. I think it's premature to talk about diagnosis and fragility at this time. Reporter: It's the latest window in the complicated and puzzling relationship between bergdahl and his parents, who stood in the white house rose garden only two weeks ago, as president Obama announced bergdahl's release. Good afternoon, everybody. Reporter: His parents pushed the Obama administration to negotiate his release from the Taliban. His father, even growing a beard and learning the pashtu language of his captors. Now, to the firestorm over Bowe bergdahl. Questions are raging over the deal. Reporter: The 28-year-old army sergeant is unaware of the controversy. He's secluded as part of his recovery. After returning to the U.S. On Friday, he saluted his superiors, who are investigating his capture. He appeared, just like any sergeant would. When they see a two-star general, a little bit nervous. But he looked good. And again, saluted and had good department. Reporter: They are trying to ease him into life outside captivity, including that reunion with his family. But it's unclear when that will happen. We're told so far he has showed no interest in communicating with either his parents or his sister. Dan and Rebecca? So many more questions to be answered in this case. Jeff, thank you.

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{"id":24138404,"title":"Bowe Bergdaghl Finally Returns to the United States","duration":"2:23","description":"The prisoner of war recently freed in controversial exchange with the Taliban has been transferred to Texas military base.","url":"/GMA/video/bowe-bergdaghl-finally-returns-united-states-24138404","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}