Makeup Experiment Backfires on Gio Benitez

Sara and Ginger turn the tables when their "GMA Live" co-host tries replicating a Buzzfeed video.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Makeup Experiment Backfires on Gio Benitez
The big selling instead you buzz feed video of guys that we're doing their girlfriends make -- though some seem to get it right kind of others and not -- -- You get it at the event but -- Below -- -- Stop tax cuts. I didn't have that awareness of -- that now touch that much greater you know and women heirloom or dental. He did much in the background -- London offices Atlanta yeah that's not it's not too bad. Now you and I think I did man hands on her lips and it -- Tell me athletic Sally app -- -- idea you and this is the billionaire has some give me some downtown -- I don't know there because. No men in television. Where exactly we got a little when Clinton took pretty basic I don't know anything and when I -- this is -- wetlands there. And this is a -- Doing it let's start I didn't know you're gonna clean my number OK Healy -- potter -- sensitive business about it -- does not have no idea -- one -- -- sock -- smoke from the late who -- Something like to light -- a hand up with a feeling -- -- -- -- About business good -- pay. He believes -- reports yeah. -- -- yeah. After it hit at Kelly including. -- -- -- -- And meaning any minute we can about a writer -- ninety apartment challenge. Well but did you learn what you're getting more -- are you feeling -- -- -- Com and what that sentence I don't know unless China Blatche oh I don't know yeah -- takes time. A smile. And then you commitment teeth and -- Well wow wow you're really coloring that can these aren't -- will now both sides have to -- -- Yeah like I can't let you know this is how let me just as this is how a woman attacked okay hello Lou you're -- -- smile smile photo -- -- -- And he had cancer alliance. Happening right Disney -- a little -- silly goose the little ice you look at it and we knew right then it's like just gently yeah. Won't you look things he's not doing the -- and yet you know let -- let -- -- what -- -- and ten. I'm analysts can't ultimately thought this turnaround let me give her my yeah. -- No it's not really in the number of primary. -- mummy to raise your hand no. That's what you don't touch ahead and did he did not expect that any -- We'll have taken up. -- -- I don't like it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sara and Ginger turn the tables when their \"GMA Live\" co-host tries replicating a Buzzfeed video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23033970","title":"Makeup Experiment Backfires on Gio Benitez","url":"/GMA/video/boyfriends-girlfriends-makeup-buzz-feed-experiment-backfires-gio-23033970"}