First Look at Brad and Angelina's Wedding

Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:03 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for First Look at Brad and Angelina's Wedding
Shall we. Your first look inside brad and Angelina's wedding. "People" magazine has Jolie on their cover looking beyond beautiful inner atelier Versace gown and photos from the intimate affair on "Hello!" Magazine. The kids very involved in planning every detail. Maddox and Pax walked mom down the aisle, the flower girls were zahara and Vivienne and all the kids have Al shabaab a hand in designing her gown and veil with images drawn by the kids. We love this idea. It's so personal. Get this. Pax was the cake maker. Yes. 10-year-old Pax baked the cake and something borrowed was taken care of when brad Pitt forgot to pack a tie he got a loner from one of his sons. That's cute. Really, really wonderful. Congratulations again. Next summer's box office is looking pretty good people. The sequel to that little diddy called "Magic Mike" has started production. Steven soderbergh tweeted this with the caption "It's on." Soderbergh has since retired, he directed it then he he requitired. He's back and wanted to be a part of it in some way and really why wouldn't you, Steven? "Magic Mike xxi" is the title. Shannon Tatum is back as Mike lane who is a stripper and now we know it can be revealed that the plot line revolvers around his road trip to a stripper convention. What do you mean plot line? That is deep. Robin. You have no idea what -- Dialogue. All about the dialogue. My bad? And the convention. Yes. And the convention. And finally how much would you pay for a piece of 33-year-old cake? How much? Nothing. Well, Amy, what if I told you it was from princess Diana's wedding to prince Charles? Still nothing. Would you pay -- no, okay. Not so much. Someone paid $1400. The slice was just sold online in its original white and silver presentation box. I believe we call those doggie bags here in this country. It also came with a card that read "With best wishes from the royal highnesses prince and princess of Wales." This may strike you as odd. Maybe this will answer your follow-up. It seems like an odd purchase but the auction house spokesperson said there is a huge community of dedicated royal cake collectors out there and some of you bought cake from as far back as 1840. Now go ahead. How do they keep it? They freeze it, George and why do they keep it? That's the keep question that I will be pondering on my road trip to the stripper convention. Wasn't there a "Seinfeld" episode about this? Remember when -- Yes, yes. There always is. One about everything. That's true. That's what "Pop news" and what people are talking about.

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{"id":25211660,"title":"First Look at Brad and Angelina's Wedding","duration":"3:03","description":"Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/brad-angelinas-wedding-25211660","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}