Brad Paisley Talks New Album 'Moonshine in the Trunk'

Paisley explains how he got celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and Joan Rivers to leak songs off his new album.
3:12 | 08/29/14

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Transcript for Brad Paisley Talks New Album 'Moonshine in the Trunk'
? What a perfect way to round out our summer "Gma" concert series with a little "Moonshine in the trunk." Brad paisley right here, everybody. In central park. That sounded so good and three-time grammy winner is kind enough to be here and talk to us for a little bit. Play a little bit more. I love the way you have had celebrities help you leak out a lot of these songs, it's very innovative and very fun. It's been fun. It's allowed me to control the first listen for people that, you know, it's kind of guilt by association. You get the right person to leak the song and it sort of says, oh, this is something that kind of means something like what they are which is -- had Jeff Gordon do "Moonshine in the trunk" which makes sense. He knows how to drive that way, Ellen DeGeneres did a song called "Shattered glass." Nasa did "Flag on the moon." You had nasa help you leak a song. How do you pull that off, brad? That was simply an idea that I had after we started this, I thought they'd be perfect and we just reached out and they're sort of looking for that message which is the message of we can do anything and they've got their sights set on Mars so they were like, this is our song. We want to do it. It was your little boy that inspired that. Walked out on the porch, you have to hear the song to get the rest of it but walked out on the porch and squinted staring at the moon one night. I said what are you doing. He said, I I think I can see the flag and I said, that's the metaphor of all metaphors. You have to love that innocence and hopefulness and also "Moonshine in the trunk" I love is sort of about the beginnings of NASCAR. Yeah. Tell us a little about that. Most uniquely American thing I hi in the car world is that we have muscle cars because they outlawed alcohol which was the worst idea in the history of our country. But they -- that gave birth to the muscle khartoumup, guys that soup up their cars and try to get across the dry county. We wouldn't have the "Dukes of hazard" without it. What would we do without that. What would we do without them. Daisy duke, the general. We wouldn't have daisy dukes. Nobody would cut jeans off. You go from that to the power ballad that is so, so beautiful. "Perfect storm." I've got to believe has been inspired by a beautiful woman in your life, Kimberly. That's true. It could have been about -- no, it is, yeah. It's a song that to me celebrates the volatility. It compares a woman to a storm, like if you're a storm chaser looking for that once in a century event the right girl is that. That's pretty great. With all of the wind and rain also beauty. Who wouldn't want to be described as that? Well. The ladies love you. The guys want to hang with you. It's a great, great album. I just want to say before we get to the next song it has been described critics are loving it by the way, congratulations. Are they? I haven't read it. Described as very appropriate for this weekend, the perfect soundtrack to your labor day barbecue. So -- That was described by my record label. I have a feeling. That was a critic. What do you say we take a listen. That would be great. A little "River bank"? Yes. Let's do it.

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{"id":25173492,"title":"Brad Paisley Talks New Album 'Moonshine in the Trunk'","duration":"3:12","description":"Paisley explains how he got celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and Joan Rivers to leak songs off his new album.","url":"/GMA/video/brad-paisley-interview-2014-country-star-talks-album-25173492","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}