Pitt Says Jolie 'Business As Usual' Following Double Mastectomy

"World War Z" actor discusses his new thriller, recent health decision by his partner.
5:10 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Pitt Says Jolie 'Business As Usual' Following Double Mastectomy
Take a look. I'm scared. Connie,here's a helicopter waiting for us on the roof. Keep your eyes on mommy and daddy, okay? How do we know they're coming? They're coming. There they are. That's our target. Get us down. Daddy! Let's go. Let's go. Just in the nick of time brad survives here with us now. Thanks for coming in. Can you hear anything I'm saying. I see your mouth moving. It's great to be here. Something like that. Lara said at the beginning that happens probably in the first ten minutes of the movie. You are taking off from very beginning and it never lets up. It's so intense. That was the point. We wanted to make the most intense thing we could and film starts out like any normal day in your life and next thing you know you're running for your life and your family's life and doesn't stop from there. It never does. And every country is affected by it in some way and no one knows what it is, where it came from and the fun of the film trying to figure it out. It moves so fast all around the room because these zombies are not like your usual zombies. These guys are fast. We approach them more as wanting to get away from the genre. The genre has been done so much -- are you a -- I'm the global apocalyptic thing. End the pandemic that jumps the rails. That's the dose of reality that kind of grounds the whole film. You know, zombies aren't going to happen but we all know that the whole world is so connected that things move around so quickly. Right, so who -- what cities or what countries are best prepared for such a who would fall first, the ones with the more open societies with that people travel through air would be the first ones hit and so on and so forth and that's the fun of the book, as well and the horror of the book. No, it is truly terrifying but it works on so many different levels. You have that thriller, we see you there with your family. This is also getting into the father's deepest duty, protecting his family. Well, that's it. That's the only thing that keeps me up at night is everyone safe as a dad and we try to make this thing as real as possible and we put in those fears certainly. Is it true your boys kind of inspired you to do this. My boys love these things and so they were the first impetus to starting it. I also read that you were really pushing the boundaries this whole way throughout the making of this film. You always wanted more, more, more. Have a bigger, more violent, more -- we're going to do it, we want to it to be authentic and worked really hard at it. That's why it's taken so many years to get it to the screen. We're really proud of it because we have a done just that and we're really excited for people to see it. Like I said, my wife and i saw it, I guess it was last wednesday and kind of walked out with our heads just shaking after two hours. It takes a while to recover. Have to ask you while you're going through all this, of course, angelina came out with the news of her double mastectomy earlier this spring. How is she doing? Business as usual. She's doing great and you know, when she wrote her piece, we had already come out the other end and feeling very good about it. We were really surprised and moved how many other people were dealing with the same issue, wondering about the same issue. No, her idea was that someone could learn from her story and she would love to share that, but, but just been -- just been a beautiful thing to watch and watch her focus now is to make sure that all people have access to the testing and know what they can do about it and she's certainly shown if you do your research and make your decision what's best for you it doesn't have to be a scary thing. It can be an empowering thing. What has to be most gratifying to see like a decision like that to make nour most personal challenge public can make a difference for so many people. I was -- I've been moved from it from every stage of this thing and to this especially now and I'm -- it seems to be a galvanizing moment for people dealing with this. It certainly is. It's made a big difference so far. I know you're not going to be getting home quite yet. How many more countries to go. I think we have four or five countries left and then we're going to rest for a minute. Where's next? Next is russia. Russia. Yeah. And then a big long vacation or -- no, no, we're on to something -- we'll get on to something next but a little more home time. First you got a big summer with "world war z." IT OPENS FRIDAY, JUNE 21st.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"\"World War Z\" actor discusses his new thriller, recent health decision by his partner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19419404","title":"Pitt Says Jolie 'Business As Usual' Following Double Mastectomy","url":"/GMA/video/brad-pitt-interview-2013-angelina-jolie-business-usual-19419404"}