Is There a Brain Drain From Capitol Hill? If So, the GOP Just Lost Its 'Evil Genius'

Departing Senate aide Rohit Kumar on why people are leaving government and Congress' upcoming agenda.
5:16 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Is There a Brain Drain From Capitol Hill? If So, the GOP Just Lost Its 'Evil Genius'
Welcome to the fine print I'm -- Sony today we take you inside those closed door negotiations those eleventh hour decisions here on Capitol Hill. And talked to one of the most influential people you've probably never heard of his name -- hit Kumar longtime aide to senator Mitch McConnell who's leaving Capitol Hill part of the brain drain of people here in Washington. Thank you very much for joining us so you've worked in this building four almost a dozen years some of the White House describe. -- view as an evil genius and somewhere that was a compliment actually as I was reading this in the Washington Post. Are you an evil gene I would use those terms I do think it was intended as a compliment only in Washington would evil genius -- all right well you to remember from their perspective if -- Partisan Democrat calls Republican evil that's probably intended as a compliment right right. An elective care presence helps you certainly don't care to our president's office genius. But you know I have had some success in trying to help -- someone steals. -- it could tell you in the -- And the down side. Where the other side was willing to go. And where -- -- he's become sort of an informal advisor to the entire Republican conference over the years. Senator Mitch McConnell. What is she like. In these critical meetings and she. Is notoriously quiet in these meetings he -- more of a listener talker he's not gonna dominate the room. What they don't realize is that he's taking it all and figuring out where people's troop positions are and then coming to a decision about where he thinks -- -- -- -- And my job wants to others is to execute on where received the deal. -- all of us are watching all these things happening from the outside than inside the rooms of the capital here on some very key moments what. Are a couple of the top ones that to you -- -- -- not gonna get this done crisis is looming the biggest one was an definite debate of 2011. The Friday before in the -- Deadline for action deadline for action was -- Tuesday. That Friday night I went home and told my wife. Were nowhere we've got no deal and Ellen we have no deal. I can't see how we're gonna get a deal and then of course the next day certainly get a deal but I went home that night and I was convinced. That it was over why does everything take until the eleventh hour here in Washington but takes an eleventh hour basis at the eleventh hour that people willing to come off whatever they're deeply held positions are. They realize it -- not gonna blame and they start move towards the middle until then. It's really hard to come off your position because the first person that moves is generally at a disadvantage if you -- to give congress a grade -- -- -- Depends on the issue on some things -- done pretty well on other things we've done less well you know someone who's worked here for awhile -- -- had a lot to do with the function or dysfunction of the place. They could give us a solid B solid day yeah -- higher than that's. Up close and personal and they're all. -- march with the good people -- genuine instinct who have principle disagreements about what we ought to be doing so you're about to leave. The work in the private sector but the business of the congress is looming obviously one -- top. Items on the agenda is another potential government shutdown you know I actually don't think the government's gonna shutdown -- some people think some Republicans think it should. I don't think any Republicans think it should shut down even those that are advocating it have sort of signal we don't really believe shut down its -- we ought to be willing to threaten -- shot down. In order to make the point that we really believe strongly in the views that we hold that there has been some concern. And your story kind of embodies this that there is a bit of brain drain. From the capital there are a lot of people under the private sector and leaving and as these big sort of showdowns and important issues are looming. Should people be worried about you know I'm not as worried about that if I thought that was a real concern I -- -- laughed with the departures -- seeing I don't think. A reflective of the challenges that are to com I think what you're seeing as a reflection of how difficult the last three years have been. On staff and personnel and terms you know going from one crisis a moment to another for me this is an intensely personal decision about. -- I am. Terms of my family and wanting to have -- more predictable schedule to be about a father to be about her husband you're spending a little bit of time now between -- positions is a stay at home dad yes it is more mature members of congress -- in the center of the house warrior -- and a half year old daughter of the people here -- definitely have -- three and a half year old year old outclassed -- -- -- department. The training here is actually being useful. In doing my daughter and in this respect which is that you are trained early here. That it's you really prefer not to say -- to a senator boxer after all have found more success rather than telling her no we can't do this. We can do it. If the following conditions from all for the prize a piece of chocolate -- whatever it is it's all very applicable here you have the bill lessons do have some overlap. Thank you very much for joining us -- -- thanks. That's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm Jeff zoning you can follow me on Twitter all week long -- -- selling. We'll see you next time.

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{"id":20017949,"title":"Is There a Brain Drain From Capitol Hill? If So, the GOP Just Lost Its 'Evil Genius'","duration":"5:16","description":"Departing Senate aide Rohit Kumar on why people are leaving government and Congress' upcoming agenda.","url":"/GMA/video/brain-drain-capitol-hill-gop-lost-evil-genius-20017949","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}