Brandi Chastain Says Soccer Was 'Love at First Kick'

The professional soccer legend tells Ginger Zee what to look for in the next World Cup.
7:19 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Brandi Chastain Says Soccer Was 'Love at First Kick'
Many come on every -- like that -- that's -- pat come on haven't seen. Paula in right here take that one has every gallon that maybe we can hear you beautiful. And good what do you -- -- at new York and also. -- a loving energy with a New York traffic I'm sure why don't we just so we're not taking cars were what we ran he ran. It'll warm up fat -- allegedly you don't need -- -- you don't -- -- -- -- on the -- start every morning at. Yes. Never been so good so I -- though for you it's been fourteen years I know. And at the World Cup coming up in just ten days. I want to know from you first I mean what proof what should we be looking for what -- people who are like a brand new person watching what's -- look important. -- even Nancy Grace and elegance on -- off the ball you to seek power and strength -- -- -- US team that is deeper than it's ever been. And we have the toughest group. With gone Portugal and Germany so it's not an easy road and we have 9000 miles to cover so -- the toughest road in terms of mileage but. -- is an exciting year for men's soccer and -- you know I think. One surprise no Landon Donovan but I think this team really has some great players that are going to make a difference in. You know they have a great spying Tim Howard in goal Michael Bradley in the senator thank you -- You know they've got some young talent so I'm really looking forward to June 12 when it kicks off when Brazil -- Croatia but then when US takes -- -- And they take over -- I think it you know and and that's obviously we're focused on -- there than as you're talking about it on the the challenges they'll face that you're so well known for the women's side of men and I was I've played soccer and has life played for about a week -- -- -- Knowing how it looks like little time -- -- -- that entitlement and an it is it's a typical spot but it's also and an especially in the US. It takes -- for women to get into it sometimes that you of been a champion of that. Well I just kept saying I was very rambunctious young girl you know and that come -- he would say. And it just so happened that soccer came to my neighborhood and -- -- know anything about the game but they signed me up. And I loved it it was literally like love at first kick in and so for me I think soccer such a wonderful vehicle for young people to obviously. Health and wellness. Message number one. I love the team aspect of soccer I love that you know I've had some super high highs as you can see there you know we won the World Cup. And wonderful group of women not only players but people. But ultimately I learned a lot about myself I had some really terrible injuries along the way and you know sitting on -- sideline -- a lot of lessons. And now as a parent I get to share those with my sons and I'm the assists proud assistant coach of the under -- Santa Clara sporting so you know it's done yeah. It's a lot of fun and so I get to be a role model both as a player and now -- -- and that's really important for me especially through life because those lessons carry on and that's all part of your initiative this year. Here to talk about absolutely I'm here on behalf of Johnson & Johnson they are the health care sponsor of the World Cup. This isn't it hard to believe and I was actually shock his I didn't -- -- that. They will provide the first emergency medical bag standardized emergency medical bag that will be on the sideline of every World Cup games. And it with a defibrillator and other things that will be helpful in case of an emergency. But we've never had that before soccer so this is a -- standard that Johnson & Johnson is setting and yet there -- failing company say they believe in taking care of each other small deeds of kindness and caring. You know or big -- you know but every -- and about caring is really important because -- it. Impacts that person to maybe go out and do some tearing themselves. Outstanding work and that I think will will quickly find Johnson Johnson before returning have a little fun with -- wanna see her -- -- -- all the luck okay you can go to and parents fires care dot com. And hash tag Jane JR a hash tag inspired hair so. He -- social media so big again please. Do something nice you know give some -- -- high five's help somebody with their groceries open endorse. Thing you know wild thing yeah a little pink -- Al Fallujah and -- absolutely love that so we do -- act now that he's caught her breath from running in if we likely to lose weight and yes -- The water you're gonna need it. -- -- -- -- All right right airline yeah okay now -- -- social media here are and of the most buzzed about Clarence on the seals are also the most buzz about off the field and starting with the hottest guys -- -- -- in the World Cup. So we wanna get here and right on other pictures there are are accurately picture is because yeah let's think of it all right and -- the following your -- it I love my cousin. Legend in Egypt comments okay I'm all right so we're gonna start off first went -- -- not yes collapsed. He is in the same group as US -- movement he's -- -- USA Germany and Ghana and the first group that's right how do you think you -- Sizzling yeah. I tell you I'll tell you why not only he's a handsome man on his -- is very fit. But he he and his Real Madrid team just one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know playing for Portugal I think he's got a lot of pressure it has had a lot of pressure over the last two World Cup so I feel he's -- -- the comfort -- that he hasn't been before so he's going to be very difficult to. For -- and also speaking every on the -- their rivals Barcelona we have Gerard -- hang next to plead for Spain who won in 2000 -- -- think they're gonna do that here that he's very handsome. Music here is that -- didn't -- big yeah. Very handsome command center back very good. What is it any. -- with -- -- gonna have to play against some costly but yeah very handsome yes beautiful blue eyes you know I'm I noticed Bob on part carrying them out. Little bit of a weaker team not as strong as Spain or Portugal but from Mexico we have to reach out yes who is a real name is Javier Britain and then replacement as -- and which I'm him I'm a man city fans so your -- here arrival. You know -- Unfortunately in Mexico just took a hit with an injured a really bad injury in that last game so. You know it's going to be it was a tough qualification for them out it's going to be a tough World Cup. But I think he's one of the best goal scorers in the world yeah for heart I think he's third. High schools are from Africa he's he's an area it came on mart Wal-Mart Heidi okay one more than that that's what he plays three USA Clint -- Yeah I know we know -- line and says I can't -- -- I -- rather narrow. -- -- Yeah he's -- Because a superstar you know I'm glad that he's backing him the last I think you know you're in Klinsmann at first wasn't happy that he came back from Europe but I think. You know for look for how much he loves soccer being -- you know I think he's true red white and blue. To have him here -- analysts is really great for our young boys and girls who get to go to the stadium to see him on a weekly basis over time big thumbs up for -- -- yeah. 100% of -- -- -- thank you so much for being there my pleasure.

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{"id":23955761,"title":"Brandi Chastain Says Soccer Was 'Love at First Kick'","duration":"7:19","description":"The professional soccer legend tells Ginger Zee what to look for in the next World Cup.","url":"/GMA/video/brandi-chastain-soccer-love-kick-23955761","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}