Brant Daugherty Booted From 'DWTS'

The actor and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, discuss their time on "Dancing With the Stars."
6:02 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Brant Daugherty Booted From 'DWTS'
"dancing with the stars." Boy, it was owned by cher. Electrifying the show. Singing, dancing, judging. All topped by one more big surprise at the end of the night. Brant daugherty and peta murgatroyd sent home. ♪ this week, dancing was all about cher. ♪ Do you believe ♪ Reporter: With her son, chaz, cheering from the stands, she judged from len goodman's seat. If he's invading your personal space, you let us know. All right. I'll just knee him. Reporter: Each star set their dance to one of cher's greatest hits. ♪ If I could turn back time ♪ Reporter: Amber riley topping the leaderboard with her rumba to "if I could turn back time." Leah remini, tugging at cher's heart strings with "i got you, babe" and her viennese waltz. And this week, another shocking finish. The competition down to six couples. You read what's in the teleprompter now. Reporter: Bill engvall saved by viewer votes. That sent brant daugherty packing. I learned something I never thought I would learn in my life. I learned a lot about myself. And I'm very grateful for the opportunity. Reporter: What does cher think about her night? When something is easy and you're laughing, in my part of the world, I call it fun. Here they are now. We're joined by brant and peta right now. "Dancing with the stars." Good morning. You look great. Hello. Hi. Congratulations. Didn't mean to make you get up. How are you? Congratulations. I'm kind of bummed to see you. I'm really sorry. Oh, come on. I agree. We do agree. There's a twitter question from barbara bush. She wanted to know, how awesome was it to be in the same room as cher? It was a legend. It was an honor to have her critique us. How was she? She was great. Pretty sweet to you. She said star quality. I'll take that. She wants to hire me, I'm apparently available. You're joking about it. But you -- there were tears last night. Yeah. It really got to me. We're all a family over there. You put so much into it. How many hours are you spending at this point? Five hours every day. And this week, "pretty little liars" taking some of your time. Do you feel where the differences were so slight, did that play a part in preparation? Did it take too much? It was one of the biggest weeks of my life. We scored 27. I don't know what a couple more points had done for us. I think the audience decided it was our time to go. At this point, everybody's good. So much heart. I love that guy. I know where you're going. There's no two better set of teeth on the planet. Look at these two. You guys are gorgeous. Look at that. Thank you for setting me up. We want to talk about the kiss that launched 1,000 rumors. Did you think that everybody would start to wonder if you two were more than just dancing partners? Absolutely. It happens every season, with me. She warned me before we started. I did. Just prepare yourself. That kiss outside in the parking lot, that was not really meant to be because we totally went for the same cheek. Oh. I can assure you. We would have done it, it would have been much hotter. You had so much chemistry on the floor. But we hear this time and time again, the bond that everyone has. Are you going to stay in touch? Absolutely. He's great. I hope we do. It's going to be weird not seeing you five hours every day. We learned so much about cher, that her favorite decade WAS THE '80s. What was your favorite moment with her? It had to be when she grabbed the first paddle. Yes. We lost it laughing. A loss right there. And she gave us a complement, of course. Absolutely. You guys were great sports. Can we show you a picture? I guess when you guys were little. Do we have those pictures? Oh. Hold on. Here they come. And -- oh, yeah. There's a precious little brant. And then, we -- and look at that little baby. Less dapper there. Hard to imagine that dancing would become such a big part of your life. It meant a lot to you so long. If you would have asked me four months ago, I would have laughed at you. I never thought I would be a dancer. And she's turned me into a dancer. I dare say she has. Just fantastic. Next monday at 8:00, 7:00 here on abc. We're just one day away from country music's biggest party,

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{"id":20787572,"title":"Brant Daugherty Booted From 'DWTS'","duration":"6:02","description":"The actor and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, discuss their time on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/brant-daugherty-booted-dwts-20787572","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}