Breaking the Chain: Sen. Gillibrand's Mission to Change Military Policy on Sexual Assault

The New York Democrat says 60 percent of military sexual assault victims faced retaliation last year
4:59 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for Breaking the Chain: Sen. Gillibrand's Mission to Change Military Policy on Sexual Assault
Look at the fine print I'm Jeff Sony today we're joined by senator Kirsten Gillibrand Democrat of New York who's leading the way on the sexual assault issue in the military in the senate. -- the sexual assault of the military is an affront to our basic American values. Senator thank you very much for joining us so. Why are you advocating taking the military commanders out of the chain of control in sexual assault cases well it's all about the victims and with the victims talents over and over again. Is that they're not reporting. Because they don't trust the chain of command where they fear retaliation. Last year alone of the 3200 cases that were reported 62% of victims were retaliated against because they came -- its -- percent. -- so some of our commanders just aren't maintaining it command climate cities there it is either preventing these -- happening. Or at least a climate where -- -- can come forward and then certainly not protecting the victims once they do come forward and that have to change senator Claire McCaskill former prosecutor Democrat mystery. Is not on your side on this issue and that has complicated its path through the senate. Have you tried to get her to change her mind while senator McCaskill I have worked a lot a number of reforms that are in this space bill that are really helpful. But this one piece this this this level of objectivity and transparency and accountability. Is really what's lacking. The victims talents over and over again that they don't trust the chain of command. And so for this decision to rest solely on them who aren't lawyers who aren't -- prosecutors. Who may have biases like not -- -- women in the military. Or not -- LG BT members in the military those prices affect their decisions and that's wrong we need them to be. Decided by trained prosecutors -- military prosecutors and we just disagree on that issue. How did this become such a central. Focus of Europe attention this year the invisible war is an incredible documentary and a friend of mine gave -- to -- to please watch this -- -- what's happening in the military they actually did. Charge me with adultery. I wasn't married. He was. They took me before my my hand the tank command there. He says he think this is funny and I facility mean. -- lakes college TUS equity means any ghosts in the third Carl report raped this week. -- I -- all in cahoots heating of the game when I. -- -- -- I was changed I I was so angry that these men and women so -- so strong so selfless. We're being subjected to such ruthless treatment by their attackers and then such talents treatment by their commanders are by their units and I was so personally -- -- how strong is dependent on against this bill against this proposal -- against it but what they say exactly what they said we are fighting Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal. And I understand exactly what they said when we were integrating the armed services and exactly what they sat let me -- wanted women to serve in the military -- to be able to serve in combat. Over and over again you keep can't we can't possibly do this because -- undermine -- -- discipline. Well I think that's just a reaction I don't think it's the truth. And I reject reject strongly the notion that we are somehow letting commanders off the -- We're gonna make sure the commanders are measured on whether -- command climate is sufficient for victims to come forward and -- Tarantino retaliation. We're gonna hold them a 100% accountable. You've said that you would like to see Secretary Clinton be the next commander in chief that you let -- run for president and win. Has she given you any indication that she would support of militants I haven't talked to her about it but I haven't talked to about it now I have any good -- for the months. She will be a great advocate -- this she's the kind of person who has enormous -- -- And -- more courage I do hope she runs for president I think to be incredible president can think she's. Really elevator her profile asked secretary of state and I think she's the most qualified in the country to be the next president. So outside the senate for 12 -- a former roommate of years a long time ago Connie Britton yes she's been a Friday Night Lights and course and ABC's -- a national. What was she like and it. Is it hard to imagine both are in -- People places now. I'm not surprised at all she was always warm and friendly and lovely. The way she exits her personality. Through her characters the fact when she is she's an amazing woman she's fun and she's Smart she -- As -- James is a country music singer and Nashville did she like country music backed and you remember I don't remember and I don't think self but I I I don't think so if anyone else. Senator thank you very much for your time thank you victorious thank you that's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm -- felony you can follow me on Twitter and FaceBook all week long. I just selling we'll -- --

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{"id":20782991,"title":"Breaking the Chain: Sen. Gillibrand's Mission to Change Military Policy on Sexual Assault","duration":"4:59","description":"The New York Democrat says 60 percent of military sexual assault victims faced retaliation last year","url":"/GMA/video/breaking-chain-sen-gillibrands-mission-change-military-policy-20782991","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}