Breaking the Record on Katie

Two of Katie?s guests attempt to break world records.
4:29 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Breaking the Record on Katie
-- -- attempted to set a Guinness world record in -- And he's going to show us. What he -- to -- How are you don't tell us what records did you attempt to right attempted -- world record for the longest back -- into a pair of trousers. Of course you dance. Crazy I didn't do this -- And watched the jeans commercial these guys jumping in the kids and that the very end heated battle in the -- does like that's I get -- did it all right well you've got your partners here keep can't and Rory can't worry are you hearing there. I'm now. Okay. All right -- may. I guess he can take it away it right -- being -- action. It'll go right. Yeah. Okay. You get tired of -- stunts like this property in May you can even if I do not get tired of seeing stands like -- -- they've been working for reliving every. -- -- -- -- We cannot attempt this thing isn't so much fun and raise a great guy -- -- guidance gives him do that again came up Rihanna messer Schmidt has -- attempted one world record she's here today. To attempt to set another she's here with her dogs. He -- and how are you nice to see you bring -- its. I 03 up all night -- other world record having artists that she can take off the most amount of Sox come -- did she take off she took off twenty bucks and fifty seconds wow that's impressive -- that what world record area an attempt on our stage today today and I will be attempting to -- with similar trick but very different have taken -- the most out of shoes -- -- -- and one minute. -- -- Well. Gotti and volunteered to help so can you -- come now we've got a -- I can't remember. And they all have the same shoes on I don't know if you all notice. And I'm going to -- Put on -- she is that as I do official Guinness and she indicator Stuart Claxton is here to make sure that we're following all the rules -- work come on -- Really seems to be ready. Please OK do or are you ready I am ready -- -- 321. -- Let's just keep him out. Well what do you think all right well I think they lose measurement you just set the Guinness world record for the matter shoes from mirrored by drug and one minute -- Thank you so much for volunteering this was so much but if you're in the New York area they can stop by the Guinness world records unleash arena. That's -- tying squaring you can try to break your own record you can see Dan Steward on Guinness world record suddenly starting tomorrow night. On street TV.

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{"id":20817221,"title":"Breaking the Record on Katie","duration":"4:29","description":"Two of Katie?s guests attempt to break world records.","url":"/GMA/video/breaking-record-katie-20817221","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}