Brian Banks' NFL Debut After Five Years in Prison

Football player plays first game after he served time for a crime he did not commit.
3:00 | 08/11/13

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Transcript for Brian Banks' NFL Debut After Five Years in Prison
We start here with the story that reads like a movie it's about a young guy with a promising NFL career derailed by a prison sentence for a crime. He did not. -- it took him years to just clear his name and now he's getting a second chance to pursue his dream. Sports anchor rob powers from. WABC -- here with more -- the some people rooting for this -- Really a fascinating story it's hard not to root for him the National Football League pre season it could drag on but at least. One players enjoying every minute of -- the NFL has quarterbacks -- facts and fullbacks and this free season one very important comeback. 48 year old Atlanta Falcons linebacker rookie Brian banks is one step closer to making his dream a reality. After taking to the gridiron against the Cincinnati Bengals this. I got -- -- -- they could apply. The stewardess it was like you know that happening. Right now is -- -- anyway but this is no ordinary rookie. Banks joined the falcons after spending five years in jail and five on parole. Why he was wrongly convicted of raping a high school classmate. In May 2012. Justice was served the verdict for banks overturn the new ruling. Not guilty this people's money to dismiss the case resumes and we -- May not ever get there this is this why I was supposed to go through what I went through. But. I know that I'm here today. And -- remain home. -- you know you look at the NFL right now of all the stores that are out there. The arrests the Aaron Hernandez saw that it's played out in front of us in the media based on the hope. -- he has -- all of us. I wouldn't bet against Bryant -- before the charges banks was a high school football star headed to the University of Southern California on a full scholarship to play for one of college football's. Best teams but now -- The past is in the past I would take this opportunity. Can be the best person -- can be in this world. In the show people that no matter what should go through there. Is light at the tunnel which. Truth is that Bryant committed no crime that day. Dad he's strong young man what an amazing future. And we wanna get him back on track and back on track he is banks. -- -- welcome to April and picked up two tackles in Thursday's game definitely the best Melissa -- It really is something so what is on of the future of the falcons open the regular season September 8. And Brian banks may be a long shot to make the final roster but you know that's okay he has beaten the odds before and no one no one's betting against him. This -- incredible story his mom stood by his side throughout every time for the right now and now it's paying off great story great to have you -- 2001 morning thanks for evidence and it's my pleasure.

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{"id":19928982,"title":"Brian Banks' NFL Debut After Five Years in Prison","duration":"3:00","description":"Football player plays first game after he served time for a crime he did not commit.","url":"/GMA/video/brian-banks-nfl-debut-years-prison-19928982","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}