Limo Bursts In Flames Killing Bride, Bridesmaids

Five women on their way to a bachelorette party were killed when their limo caught fire.
2:30 | 05/06/13

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Transcript for Limo Bursts In Flames Killing Bride, Bridesmaids
We start with the breaking new details on the limo trablgdy at the height of wedding and prom season, when so many people are using these cars. New video overnight of that vehicle, just after it burst into flames. Big questions this morning, about how it happened. Abc's cecilia vega has the latest. Good morning. Reporter: Robin, good morning. Sad or tstory here. The season for limos from proms to weddings. The new bride headed out with her friends, trapped this their burning limo. The fire raced so fast, for most of them, no time to escape. This disturbing new video of a bridal shower's tragic final moments. Oh, my good. Reporter: Inside, nine women, including the bride, a 31-year-old nurse. She had recently married in the u.S. And was planning a second ceremony in the philippines this june. The group was crossing the san mateo bridge near san francisco when the limo caught fire. One of the passengers told the driver she smelled smoke. It quickly began pouring in from the back of the limo. The driver stopped the car and he and four of the women escaped. One squeezing through the window partition behind the driver. The driver was able to get out. Reporter: But the bride and four of her friends died in the blaze. Found huddled behind the driver's seat, trying to escape the flames. It's unclear how the fire started. The flames reportedly spread so fast, the rest of the women sitting in the back of the limo had no time to escape. Which could have been a problem if, the 1999 lincoln town car, only had two doors in the back. It was an aged piece of equipment. I don't believe it had the extra door. THEY WOULD HAVE TO CLIMB OVEREl$zc Each other and exit through the rear doors. Reporter: The owner of the company, limo stop, says he's zeeply saddened and will do everything he can to help. She bright. And friendly. I always saw her in her facebook that she's riding a Sometimes mountain climbing. Reporter: Now passers by tried to help pull the women out. The fire was just too hot. So hot, it reportedly melted the fenders on the limo. As for the bride's new husband, he reportedly was waiting for the group back at the hotel where they were headed for the

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{"id":19115884,"title":"Limo Bursts In Flames Killing Bride, Bridesmaids","duration":"2:30","description":"Five women on their way to a bachelorette party were killed when their limo caught fire.","url":"/GMA/video/bride-killed-limo-fire-san-francisco-fire-kills-19115884","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}