Britney Spears' Big Surprise

Some 1,300 Britney Spears fans contribute to this larger-than-life "Planet Britney" masterpiece.
0:54 | 09/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Britney Spears' Big Surprise
We have another surprise in store for britney. And, sam, we hear that she is on her way to you, via helicopter. Hey, robin. How are you? By the way, the big reveal number one, that britney spears is in residence here in las vegas, for two years. Surprise number two, britney spears is in the helicopter above us. Take a look at the surprise that we have for her. Britney, good morning. How are you? She's right up there. That's the reveal. Britney can see this from the helicopter above us. She thinks she's coming down just to make another special announcement here at "gma." Imagine how excited she is to see thousands of people in the desert flip that card around to see her picture. Let's get to the weather. We're going to bring britney down from the helicopter. We're going to talk to her live in a second.

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{"id":20278085,"title":"Britney Spears' Big Surprise","duration":"0:54","description":"Some 1,300 Britney Spears fans contribute to this larger-than-life \"Planet Britney\" masterpiece.","url":"/GMA/video/britney-spears-big-surprise-20278085","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}