Britney Spears Takes on Las Vegas

Pop superstar Britney Spears gives insight into her new adventure with Planet Hollywood.
4:31 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Britney Spears Takes on Las Vegas
Sam is outside of las vegas with a huge britney spears exclusive interview and announcement. . Robin, a feel a little guilty because we've been holding everybody off. Now, we begin the payoff for your patience. I had an exclusive sitdown with the pop star, the one and only britney spears. And she's going to tell you why w all her in the desert. Here it is. Delivering hits.M a slave for you ♪ Reporter: After hit. Oops, I did it again ♪ Reporter: After -- ♪ hit me baby one more time ♪ Reporter: And now, britney spears is revealing a very big announcement, exclusively on "gma." She'll be taking up a two-year residency at planet hollywood in las vegas. And tickets go on sale today. I love vegas. The energy here is really good. I'm going to do the greatest hits. Material into it, just to keep it fresh. Reporter: Decembe 2th, she'll be performing 50 shows a year. The show, britney, piece of me. Think of it as an action-packed performance hybrid, where club meets theater. People could come and have a good time and feel like they're in the show with me. Reporter: Are you ready for this schedule, physically? Mentally? Is y ready? Work? I've bee training f most folks are like, I'm not confident in this. Not always confident in ait.O thin a little different. por THE BOYS BE ON Stage? Preston will probably be on stage. Reporter: All eyes have been on spears. ♪ All eyes on us ♪ Reporter: Since she was a child herself. Making her debut on "star search." ♪ When we stand together it's at once iould ♪ Reporter: How long has it been since you saw the 1992 "star search." I was 8 years old. That's so long ago. Reporter: And the rest is history. If you had to look back and pick your favorite hit, which would be the one you like the most? That's a good question. I really like "toxic." ♪ I'm addicted to you you know that you're toxic ♪ Reporter: Spears made headlines performing with a snake around her neck. A nude jump suit, and kissing madonna at the video music awards. What did she think of miley cyrus' buzz-worthy performance? I think when you do a performance that is that memorable, you're going to have criticism. She's doing her thing. She's being herself. I give props to her. Reporter: Britney isn't done making headlines of her own. Her latest single skyrocketed to number one in 36 countries and counting. Just hours after its release. She's been hard at work finishing her eighth studio what were the things going on in your life that y wrote abut joup with jason that I went thro I wrote a lot abou.O c thin relate know that a superstar goes through the same process in a breakup as they do. They suck. Breakups suck, man. Reporter: Do you mind if we have a lightning round? Okay. Reporter: Are you okay with that? Yeah. Reporter: How old were you when you had your first kiss? Oh, my god. Maybe 13. Reporter: Do you remember who it was? It was justin. Reporter: Favorite dance move? The most memorable one for people is oops. I'm not doing it. Reporter: Can you teach me? I'll try it. I don't remember it. Just use your heart. And that's it. Reporter: Those dance moves, still iconic today. I want to make just enough money to buy a beautiful home in louisiana and to have kids and do that. I never thought I was going to continue to do what I do. Reporter: Do you still get that joy every time you're on stage? I have fun performing. I feel like I'm at home on stage. So, I feel blessed that I'm able to do that. Thatjob.

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{"id":20278041,"title":"Britney Spears Takes on Las Vegas","duration":"4:31","description":"Pop superstar Britney Spears gives insight into her new adventure with Planet Hollywood.","url":"/GMA/video/britney-spears-takes-las-vegas-20278041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}