Brittany Murphy's Mother-in-Law: 'It Doesn't Sit Right'

Linda Monjack talks about recent claims her son and his wife were poisoned.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brittany Murphy's Mother-in-Law: 'It Doesn't Sit Right'
the latest on claims that "clueless" star, brittany murphy, was poisoned. New toxicology tests ordered by her father, raised this chilling possibility. And now, her mother-in-law is speaking out. Abc's abbie boudreau has this and more. Reporter: More of brittany's family members have stepping forward. Pushing for the actress's death investigation to be reopened. They had everything to live for. And it was snatched away from them. Reporter: This morning, an emotional plea from the mother-in-law of "clueless" actress, brittany murphy. I do think something is extremely wrong. It doesn't feel right. Reporter: Linda monjack, telling abc news, she wants a full investigation into her death and the death of her own son. Simon monjack died just six months after she did. That would have alarm bells. But nobody seemed to take this up. Reporter: Monjack's plea comes on the heels of stunning allegations made by murphy's father, who suggests his daughter did not die of pneumonia, but was poisoned. I think she was poisoned, yes. I'm calling for her to be exhumed, if necessary. Reporter: Citing a new toxicology report that he commissioned, which tested samples of the star's hair. And says it found high levels of ten heavy metals. One would be an exposure to metals or toxins, administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent. But this morning, there are new questions about the accuracy of those findings. Testing from hair samples is very difficult to interpret in a reasonable scientific way. Reporter: Dr. David lee says something as common as hair dye could have left behind heavy metals. You need bodily fluids, bodily tissues. Reporter: The l.A. Coroner's office says they're willing to look at the new report once they receive a copy. Just hope it comes to something in the end. And justice is served. Reporter: This morning, the world health organizatis also disputing that new toxicology report. It says the report wrongly cites the standards for heavy metals. Abc news attempted to get clarification from the lab but could not reach their spokesperson. Robin? Abbie, thank you. When this first happened, people were a little -- it did seem strange. The coroner's office going to look at that report.

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{"id":20962401,"title":"Brittany Murphy's Mother-in-Law: 'It Doesn't Sit Right'","duration":"3:00","description":"Linda Monjack talks about recent claims her son and his wife were poisoned.","url":"/GMA/video/brittany-murphys-mother-law-sit-20962401","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}