Brooklyn cafe sues Starbucks over 'unicorn' drink

ABC News' Charli James reports from the Brooklyn cafÃ??(c) that claims Starbucks stole their 'unicorn' drink.
5:50 | 05/05/17

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Transcript for Brooklyn cafe sues Starbucks over 'unicorn' drink
Everyone I'm currently. All the hot yeah and it's all down teams in the court hearing. We are at the end run and the cops in Williamsburg Brooklyn and day in outwit if you aren't locked in December. And they have filed a lawsuit against Starbucks. Which last month came out. Limited edition I think their own. Parent after she. Now. We're the end Brundtland. A lot of confusion around pain. Ownership. That trademark that they. Let me bring down the timeline. I think that. Today launched by a cafe here in December and January they filed a trademark. Or you aren't lots and now last month in April. Star see how it. Hubert rap sheet and countless. Out in three different countries Canada and Mexico City at 8000. Stores. It's in line drive like yourself. The end of the problem. A lot of confusion around. Who invented. Iraq. We're getting the stardust casino and ask Maggie on today he actually coming into the shop here. And beating this this list today. Rick. Start us. And let's talk a little bit about my very different. Now. That Clinton on December. If we can get up beside guys I can see that people are multi colored. And the kings. The course we'll have. Unicorn in their name. And another interesting similarities even though they're called plot to isn't rabbit she knows it and are slowly coming jobs neither of the drink actually had a coffee in. This isn't the final Harry. The difference is all clients and industry. He and Brundtland. In this street was created actually wellness training and contained ingredients such. Alan G and it's meant to do. Eat drink and if you feel good not Starbucks virgin. Is as common with their fat chino mine have a lot of sugar and head. Colin rained out there is anything like that and it was not marketed any sort. Health drink so there's definitely a big difference. Terror is what's inside these drinks and even bigger we'll call you know more. Drinks that I want to read you some statements from the companies. From. Tea and coffee shop there there parent company could not satisfactory. It from their employer that's well. Our lawyer are confident he put our client on cheese factory created. Lots and apple product that our clients. Innocent valuable try to crack. Her free access to expect it. Start with thousands of coffee shops on heating caught it look in pain market and ancient. Arc. Merely asking her are. We brought this lawsuit to protect a local business from having valuable intellectual property taken by global corporation announced start up. And how to respond. And that's that's where the claims and believes. Quote the air without merit. Company T Ennis you weren't grounds you know. Blended beverage was inspired by funds and colorful and you eat food and sleep and spending and social media. They continued into the fabric under for a limited time that you it's no longer available in stores so. To recap. Start listening and paying their dream thing we're on the cold trend if you aren't. In all of her earrings. All your insecure empathy. But in Brooklyn saying the final ingredient. It is here where it's. We aren't apps the end Brooklyn right now unfortunately we're able to see what. Strange about that and with the Brooklyn I don't know in addition. Ten dollars trademark property I don't think public apology. There spring snow. They're still making you know or Monta we just got one here today. Can still come in and get money start. In addition. Profit chino you know contact Tina was limited edition company where she can't get it. And actually continuing to make more fun turning. Have right here. They're calling it in her day lots and that's on uncle a lot of ingredients that they are good order women's mountain. You are not threatened Indian summer day. So it works we'll be following this story that continues. Over any updates make sure you stay wit eat eat eat eat. Out outs and let him. Happy. Oh million dollars incurred. In certain.

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{"id":47236191,"title":"Brooklyn cafe sues Starbucks over 'unicorn' drink","duration":"5:50","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from the Brooklyn cafÃ??(c) that claims Starbucks stole their 'unicorn' drink.","url":"/GMA/video/brooklyn-cafe-sues-starbucks-unicorn-drink-47236191","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}