Bruce Dern Goes Black & White

And so does Peter Travers in this candid interview with the star of "Nebraska."
14:21 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Bruce Dern Goes Black & White
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what is happening at the movies and. The happening that is out there right now is called Nebraska it's directed by Alexander Payne. And -- stars Bruce stern in a performance authority won him the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival. Bruce will be with us in just the second but I wanna say that Nebraska -- a movie shot in widescreen plaque and why. Who wants this color you see this movie. And you think. Why. That's the way I wanna go so as a special treat today we too are going to shoot in -- black and white. That they. Yeah. Want to take -- got a -- the last thing I do I don't care what you can. Does that mean you didn't win -- -- -- -- complete scam to get a stop that's okay turnaround time. And have a suitcase. -- stand here. I can't let you go. Status yesterday -- -- your son. And I want you -- me. It is drop everything and drive to -- Lincoln Nebraska. Let us you -- gone on. Seles who you're playing in Nebraska who is this what he grant. -- He's not unfamiliar. To America and a lot of us and he's not -- for many years to Nebraska. Or any state any midwest particularly in the heartland them -- -- well and he has one ingredient which will always be there which most of those people that I fine. Out beyond the big cities of America. -- which is there there. He's pretty good guys helped people coming in you just has not been real good data if you measure -- by the rule book you -- Rule book of dad's. About it stickers about your -- about it. But I mean that was. And sorrow in out of your standard home plate here in Yankee Stadium something like that what he's lights in the right field corner out. Maybe our armed rights and corrections. But -- he has an office demand he has not ordered as you probably doesn't know what dimension mean she's just. Moving along day -- day and one day. O'clock -- but he's not concerned about he's gone on diaries and everybody in the family is you know the sun comes and he agrees to take on the trip -- is just don't have a couple of more days. Chasing his dream and that dream is based on what a publisher's clearinghouse yeah like kind of thing that says what do you want a million dollars and one million dollars come -- they -- science magazine subscriptions there is -- million dollars everything like that. And what -- help wanted viewers way to -- These people wouldn't get national challenge you wouldn't send out letters like that with my name on here. Unless it were so. And it -- Guerrero in the office says it very well -- and remotely. Why. -- forward chase says she's of what does this happen often. And she says well. Every now on them but usually with your people like your dad. It isn't that alzheimer's. -- says he just believes what people talent. And she says. -- of that Alexander Payne and -- Papa Michael was the DP on this movie had decided to shoot Nebraska and black and one one last. What was it about what I think. I think Alexander Ali shot and black and white. I think when you go there you'll see it's much more black and white -- a lot of -- left there. When you think -- Alexander is a huge. History of movie that. You know he's got for these guys -- she's got Capra and let the guys that he pays homage. -- those were black and found Jeter you know was -- -- -- a woman that stand up at camp first on and ask my question. She didn't wire hangers were you make a movie what you have opportunities you do it doesn't with a for an accident which -- -- because our country. But. You know why on earth would you make a movie in black and white when you -- hadn't -- the car. Tax cut. Almighty god and -- yes that's fantasia is intended any credit I think that it happened so it was. It was not only approach where it was mandatory and because the movie took ten years to get -- The biggest issue I was not the biggest issue because I didn't come and appliance -- He got his -- I was the first guy -- sentiment -- two overnight because your daughter Laura -- had been in -- -- his first citizenry that's first and so you're looking at the script around that time. Not that's 1818 years ago that the ten year 2004. -- And he didn't want to due to road trip movies in a -- and about Schmidt had been a road trip. So. He wasn't excited to get a hybrid of state amended they would but they wouldn't because she insisted. Black and white so they didn't want to Mike. This character is in the character I've seen you played before replied yes. So did that -- view there's excitement and it was there -- you a little scared of it. I think what I was leading -- is exactly hands of that. There are three -- four directors I've worked or in my career Alexander being the latest and Alexander the most. Where you as an actor and a crew member are exciting every single day. To come to work. Why. Because -- just mind to something and it's never been done before. That's why you work but Alexander -- and I imagine -- the same thing -- just Saturday with them -- but. And that was mr. rich guy and -- and I began in every day when US cage he fears. This. This jovial guy. Might do so that nobody ever gotten him and he was so witty and so wonderful and -- out there to me anyway. And -- it boy in town people forget you know on all those half -- -- -- director everyone. And he caused a whole generation -- Sydney -- mark -- -- John Franken George or radio Franco chapter. That age of directors money would come to do a movie at universal. Mr. wasserman would say. Here's a drill her boys. -- its cycle on the back rotten 21 days for 600000. Dollars don't tell me -- -- -- -- in the make your movie. You know what I'm saying it now being 200 cracking. I think that that's that's -- That was one of the problems of Alexander getting money to make the movie in black and white. Once you're on next and he made that decision because he there's a quote from him saying Bruce told me -- All -- this guy -- he's like. OK in his head for twenty minutes every that they. Curious about it at. He he really changed things mattered -- But he can respond quickly about -- morning manage every he's definitely got a bank a lights out. He definitely. -- -- and offers some anxious you know let's -- these words wondered is he just misses more than me. -- -- on an as an actor. That was a fabulous. Concept for -- to have to deal with because one of our began as an actor she said -- -- -- that. And I said well that drill is that he got to do two things first evolved. The greatest Chrysler actors. Is behind the camera intimidation. Meaning that everybody behind that. Is. You see them. Even if -- during your eyes you see them you know they're looking at their watches you know they've got to get to Laker game you know it's 6 o'clock. And you know our topic like this to other people it's about you and you've got to forget that it's not about you is not personal. It's just the nature of the 1112 hour day you've got to get it done that time. And when I said Navarro so you've got to learn to dance around you or what's -- second thing. I should take risks go out on the edge of the cliff and do roles other people won't do. Do. Things that might even be risky career wise. You in -- -- You'd like I said before you run you've been running since what you -- -- -- -- so how many miles a day you. -- run -- cardinal runners world. 104000. Cash well that's like ran around the world while adults are you an example what it means what it means is -- guy -- out one day. Labor -- of 1968. He said every week he's what are you doing said that he says in the medium -- 7 o'clock am that's Ron. And I said okay. He's at home which -- like to do something no ones ever. More. You buy a woody chasing them and our. Eyes at what might that be he says let's run -- mom. Let's run all day. Every day. Six months later we -- Appeared in Denver. Which. Is that -- But also -- a great thing you didn't in your life. You're not a drinker. You know like so many builders from the project Foreman days none and that trip by the -- guide. I -- a guy later -- I but it was never temptation for you. Well now I've I've not current -- not smoke cigarettes and I never had a cup of coffee during -- But. And the ninety's I lost a decade to back it. And one I was -- it and I must say looking back. Yes I'm fifty years and I was up to a lot a day. With injuries after -- started because I'd get a movie in 1986. War -- both my shoulders are reached our. To save a kid from breaking his neck and see about Downey junior and -- -- amendment -- my shoulders outside might frozen shoulders her and I started that guy we words of and the guy gave me. Which was Perkins that John. Which then later became bank again and I liked it and I must say now. -- I'm better I'm healthier I'm happier everything. But there are days. I don't have parties and I should tie and -- think that's -- With the bank and I could go under ralphs market you can talk to Whitman about PDs for 45 minutes and then I was. I think my stuff having and I shot and -- a charmer that. I realize the reality is that him on a drive with me that in -- around me and as I approach toward me. I look back on that part of my personality. That constantly. Was in need -- an -- Well what do you. Do -- he -- happen along with the brother. To have a map and his brother is an that's Ron Howard's father -- -- right yeah yeah and so. Well I'm glad you pass that you know so that you can do this that's -- there -- You know I'm not a puritan. It's -- that. They're gonna nabbed -- Me away from talking -- I could tell that they're doing -- but we end. Always in song. A snippet of some some may be song that you think was going on and what he's had if he had songs. Stacy -- gets to -- in. But these things well he does but -- would have wanted to -- Here okay. Explosions from the audience in the movie is when he says. This and that is a room karaoke bar. Our. Nebraska and he says. And this and that the thing in it yet -- Everybody you know to get over it gotten -- -- Jimmy. -- yes. The first thing that comes to mind it is. He. Possible three. Because I'm a guy who believes that the most courage you can happen life is distilled dared to agree. Alexander Payne does that I do that I think you see a lot of that remotely. In front of the camera and behind dream that we still might can do something that hasn't been done day after day. And that's what makes it well there's a little -- Kyoto in woody and actually. A whole lot of it and you. It's Great Britain right thank you so much.

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{"id":20901329,"title":"Bruce Dern Goes Black & White","duration":"14:21","description":"And so does Peter Travers in this candid interview with the star of \"Nebraska.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/bruce-dern-interview-2013-nebraska-star-black-white-20901329","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}