Springsteen, Gervais Join Stars for 'Stand Up for Heroes' Benefit

ABC News' Bob Woodruff explains event aiming to raise money for wounded veterans.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Springsteen, Gervais Join Stars for 'Stand Up for Heroes' Benefit
I'm here with our friend and colleague, bob woodruff and american heroes right here. Captain eric quick, staff sergeant jodi filial. And we're all here because tonight is standup for vets. What's going to happen tonight? This thing has been sold out very, very early on this. We're going to have the first three rows going to be filmed in by about 60 of those service members, also family members, about 120. Been flown in here from outside of new york. Some of them, the first time they've been here. But we're going to see, springsteen's been here, six years in a row now. We have robin williams going to come. Ricky gervais. We have roger waters and pink floyd. Roger waters and pink floyd is going to be playing with a band made up of veterans? Thee than ten that have been wounded in the war. They're going to be his band when he's going to get up there. They're going to come and play songs for you that you know about. And john mayer is going to be there. John mayer cannot sing right now. His voice is not -- he's on a vocal rest. And so, he's going to go up and play acoustic, in front of all of the guys out there. It is going to be a great show. And it's for a fantastic cause. You've raised over $10 million for the cause. We have about 60 organizations. And we're doing more of this every year. It's amazing these guys came here. We had fears this was going to be canceled. The nor'easter. When we arrived. It's been good. It was. You have the storm yesterday. Yes. That's correct. In the aftermath of the storm, and the nor'easter, you know, we thought this was going to be canceled. But it's a true testament to the foundation and to the stand up for heroes, just the dedication and passion they have for what they're doing, they didn't look back. It was mission first. Kept it going. We're here and it's been a wonderful time. You were able to get to this. You've gone to afghanistan and iraq. And now, in new york. I have to say one thing, too. The seats are completely filled. We have 2,600 in for this gigantic event in the beacon theater. For those who can't make it, for the first time, you can see it on youtube. You can check it on on remind.Org. And you can watch it around the country, all of this music. Play live tonight. It's always such a fantastic show. You're doing good work. Thanks for coming in. Thank you. Thank you very much. We'll be back. find

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{"id":17671751,"title":"Springsteen, Gervais Join Stars for 'Stand Up for Heroes' Benefit","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Bob Woodruff explains event aiming to raise money for wounded veterans.","url":"/GMA/video/bruce-springsteen-ricky-gervais-join-stars-stand-heroes-17671751","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}