Bryan Cranston Plays Lyndon Johnson on Broadway

The "Breaking Bad" star talks about his new role as the former president in "All the Way."
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Transcript for Bryan Cranston Plays Lyndon Johnson on Broadway
We all know Bryan Cranston from his series star turn on "Breaking bad." Now he's taking on Broadway making his debut in "All the way" as president Lyndon Johnson, the tortured texan using his power to advance the cause of civil rights. Take a look. As a southerner I've had to bite my tongue on this issue my entire life until my mouth was full of blood. Well, not anymore. What the hell is important being president if you can't do what you know is right? This ain't about the constitution. This is about those who got more, wanting to hang on to what they got. At the expense of those who got nothing and feel good about it. And Bryan Cranston joins us now. Love that scene. You get a real sense of what motivates Lyndon Johnson there but talk about him as a tortured soul and such a larger than life creature, a king Lear. I love -- bill Moyer says he thinks Lyndon Johnson is probably 11 of the most interesting people he ever knew. He knew him up close. He knew him up close and was so mercurial. You nevver knew what Johnson would walk in the door, he could be funny, embracing, damning and threatening and he did whatever he thought was appropriate to get what he needed. But he also knew that this was a horse trade. That politics back then was something he knew he had to give up something. What you see in 24 play is Johnson at work. The politician on the phone behind the scenes. Yeah. Using all that power and bill Moyers with a close aide of Lyndon Johnson as well and others like Joe califona said, I saw at moments it was like you were seeing hi or hearing him, I don't know whether Johnson has taken over Cranston or Cranston has taken over Johnson. What a big compliment especially for those who knew him so well. There's a plethora of source material to read up on Johnson, plus, all the telephone conversations that were recorded. Such a resource. Unbelievable. I was able then to not only read about the information but listen to his tenor when he was so depressed and wanting to quit or when he rose to the occasion and was so excited about getting something accomplished. It was very exciting. I cannot wait to see it. Before we go we're getting a lot of viewer questions coming in including one in our social square from a very special viewer. I want you to take a look. Hey, Bryan Cranston, I have a two-part question. First of all, is it weird being so attractive? Also, is it hard being so attractive? You know, surprisingly it's not that difficult. I got acquainted to it rather quickly, I think, just like you. Oh, thank you. To cover it up a lot to play lbj, though. Actually unfortunately no. I have features like lbj's that are unfortunate, yeah, I have kind of beady eyes and some folds and thin lip, all the features that any man would want, you know. No, and then I put a little cleft chin in. I add earlobes. I add fake earlobes that drop about another inch because he had such -- He did have huge ears. Yeah. It's an amazing performance. Thank you for coming in today. On Broadway right now and now we

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Breaking Bad\" star talks about his new role as the former president in \"All the Way.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22910694","title":"Bryan Cranston Plays Lyndon Johnson on Broadway","url":"/GMA/video/bryan-cranston-plays-lyndon-johnson-broadway-22910694"}