Cheerleaders Season Ends After Lawsuit

Buffalo Bills cheerleaders file a lawsuit claiming they were paid less than minimum wage.
1:55 | 04/25/14

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Transcript for Cheerleaders Season Ends After Lawsuit
Thank you. Now, for a lawsuit that's ended a season for the Buffalo bills cheerleaders. Women on the squad suing the team and the NFL, saying they get paid less than minimum page and are targets of sexual harassment. Mara schiavocampo has the story. Reporter: This morning, the Buffalo bill cheerleaders are putting down their pom-poms. The company announces they are suspending operations for the rest of the season. This, just two days after being named in a lawsuit, brought by former cheerleaders. The lawsuit names the jills and the company associated with the team, alleges the women worked hundreds of hours for free. And were subject to groping at three unpaid events. We didn't get paid. It's definitely unacceptable. And we had hoped that we would not be put into situations like that. Reporter: According to the lawsuit, the women were also allegedly forced to endure a weekly jiggle test. Failing the test could result in suspension, penalties or dismissal. Our coach had us do about ten jumping jacks to see if she could see any type of jiggle. Reporter: But former Dallas cowboy cheerleader, star spangler ray, say fitness requirements are part of the job. There's expectations that you stay in shape and you maintain a good appearance. But I'm not sure you could have it any other way. Reporter: The NFL and the Buffalo bills aren't commenting on the lawsuit. As for the decision to leave the bills' sideline barren for the rest of the season, lawyers for the former jills cheerleaders tell us they are disappointed. Saying, quote, like the decision not to pay a lawful wage. This decision was not made by the cheerleaders but by jills management. This isn't the only lawsuit like this one in the NFL. Cheerleaders have launched similar suits against the Oakland raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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{"id":23466713,"title":"Cheerleaders Season Ends After Lawsuit","duration":"1:55","description":"Buffalo Bills cheerleaders file a lawsuit claiming they were paid less than minimum wage.","url":"/GMA/video/buffalo-bills-cheerleaders-season-ends-lawsuit-23466713","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}