Bungee Jumper's Epic Trick Shot

John Massey makes basketball shot from 100-foot free fall jump tower.
2:36 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bungee Jumper's Epic Trick Shot
This guy is on I don't know if you guys saw bodies on a bungee cord. Now he's named by the way is John -- -- and so he's -- -- bungee cord he jumps off very had a basketball in his hand. And on the fall box lunches. -- Every moment and every time now -- trying to 200 you're right John are you OUROU. Does not describe John. Yeah they have to go not all good morning to you. Good sir how are you -- it's nice to see just exactly where you from the tell -- the town in the area that you guys period. Vermont who grow up from Hoover Alabama now Birmingham -- and and why in the world are you deciding to shoot. -- a bungee cord. We we didn't think as a -- -- -- play or all actor he actually does all the research and finally -- -- incredible places for. And credited him but he -- he's made quite an all. He's -- -- it is shop there but it's pretty -- Did you know I was going -- and final time. Yeah not but no athlete -- don't feel good when it left his -- certain. OK -- so you're jumping off this thing you obviously have to keep your eyes open. Now these are -- training on -- I mean aren't you freaking out a little bit at the things whizzing by your head to admit you're just focused on the basket. With -- the whole time. Yeah court. After we've done that Dick arms probably after the big pond Garnett did you don't even think about don't have the -- -- work. Oh yeah that -- happened yet here at this. -- -- -- -- -- 250. Times. Yet the rest. Or drives so abruptly that usually found each bird. -- success on the -- -- 249. Are you thinking like okay we got a call -- like how many like we were was it what was there and -- -- point was there a point where you guys this was that was everywhere you you won't keep you is if you don't. Yeah a lot of credit bank of -- no doubt quite certain where that they they -- out there. There aren't -- so keep your dedicated to get a digital I don't -- -- -- do on one day. Donald -- early Saturday actually came back that Sunday more. And defeated Iraq. -- and well Walt we love -- providing us with the video thank you -- congratulate. My friends that's just. You don't do anything -- can lose their parents to be safe.

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{"id":19201711,"title":"Bungee Jumper's Epic Trick Shot","duration":"2:36","description":"John Massey makes basketball shot from 100-foot free fall jump tower.","url":"/GMA/video/bungee-jumpers-epic-trick-shot-19201711","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}