Bush Daughters Pen Letter of Advice to Departing Obama Daughters

Cap: The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:27 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for Bush Daughters Pen Letter of Advice to Departing Obama Daughters
Time for the big board and Cecilia is back with our first story and this is a heartwarming one. It is a letter from former first daughters Barbara and Jenna bush offering advice to Malia and Sasha as they prepare to leave the white house next week and I remember being told they had left a letter for the Obama girls when they moved in and now they've written another letter to them now that they're moving out. This is my favorite story of the day. I mean, they're such a small circle of people. They may be the only ones in it that have lived through this as two pair of sisters as a pair of sisters and what better advice to get than from the people who have done it before you. And the bush girls are fiercely protective of the Obama girls so they send thisletter. We've got it -- I want to read you a piece of it if we can get it up on the screen. You have -- I didn't bring my glasses so I'll lean in and try to do this. So there we go. You have so much to look forward to. You will be writing the story of your lives, beyond the shadow of your famous parents. Yet you will always carry with you the experiences of the past eight years. You won't have the weight of the world on your young shoulders anymore. Explore your passions. Learn who you are, make mistakes, you are allowed to. I mean -- Chills. I like that when I read it. Make mistakes. You are allowed to. That stood out for me and the bush girls have been out of the white house almost eight years and how tough can that transition be? Can you imagine living every second as children just scrutinized and in a light no brighter than the one that shines on the white house? I can't even imagine what that -- look, there have been a few bumps that have landed in the tabloids, of course, but not huge ones, by all accounts these are great women. Barbara Bush is a philanthropist and started her own public health nonprofit. Jenna is a TV correspondent and mom and really successful and they really, really care about the Obama daughters and really just want to make sure that they understand this next chapter is perhaps even more important -- it's about them than the one that they just lived through under the shadow of their parents. And people even though they're not in the white house people will still watch -- a lot of people thought it was a good idea for Malia to take that gap year which many students do and then Sasha is still in high school there in Washington. These girls are so beautiful in every way. Right? They're so -- we've watched them grow up so, yeah, Malia is going to Harvard in the fall. We saw her just this week sitting there crying as her dad was giving his farewell speech. Sasha is in high school. That's the reason the parents, the Obamas are staying in Washington. We heard president Obama tell George recently that they're just great, wonderful, young women and he's so proud of what they have become and I really think as a nation, we may be divided on politic, we can all agree these are fantastic girls. I think so. I think thatcoulds from the parenting. Yeah. From all these -- from all these kids who come out of the white house. The bush girls and now the Obama girls. Absolutely. From the parenting. And another thing we'll talk about, the new warning about a scam targeting Netflix users. Becky Worley is joining us now with the details and, Becky, this could cost you a lot of money. Tell us about it. Michael, don't you hate it when the bad guys get even smarter? Ah, this is a traditional phishing scam. You get an e-mail with a link and they want you to update your information. But it's got super smart code that flies under the radar of almost all security and then let's say you entire your credit card number on the fake site. It takes you back to Netflix's real site and lets you start watching movies. You don't even know you've been hacked. Yikes. What is Netflix saying about this, Becky? What can we do to protect ourselves. Well, they say they use lots of proactive measures to detect this kind of fraudulent activity. They want to keep the service and their members' accounts secure. But, guys, here's the takeaway for all your accounts, everything received in e-mail should be distrusted. Don't click those links. Even if it seems legit open your browser. Go directly to the site, for example, type in netflix.com, go through the digital front door. And never give your social security number online. To anybody. You know, you're right. They're getting smarter and smarter. Here's another way they've gotten smarter. Amy talked about this story yesterday. When you do a selfie and you do the peace sign that they may digitally lift your fingerprints. I was telling Cecilia about this in the dressing room. She said I can't do it. Wait, why not? Are you mad? You got to turn the peace sign around the other way. Forget what I just did. Becky, what is it about that as well. These cybercriminals get really smart. Yeah. This is the second time, Michael, someone said they can do this so it's plausible. Cameras have gotten amazing, digital pictures are so high resolution. Do I anticipate hackers and the police using this technology to unlock my iPhone fingerprint scanner later this week, no. But that being said, pictures taken today can last long into the future. Now, the researchers are working on a titanium dioxide sticker you would put on your finger to hide your prints but for now if you're a peace sign selfie type that's paranoid, put a glove on it, guys. Michael, is that you? Is that you, Michael. Looking good, beck. Too much work. I know. I know. I know, just keep your hands down. You just can't live. You can't live in live, live out loud.

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