Cadbury's Custom Valentine's Chocolates

The chocolate company allows customers to personalize their chocolate gift.
1:13 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Cadbury's Custom Valentine's Chocolates
Now. -- -- Mr. and mrs. America -- that its Internet it always -- -- -- World what. America and Helsinki. Now to our pop music extra Valentine's Day is right around the corner and step aside cupid -- Cadbury is swooping in to help you sweeten things up they are. See if they aren't the jobs the company is actually -- you customize your handy for your Valentine is really beyond me but for you did you just. Can you make -- he can be. It's gonna send that I really can you make dirty you can make whatever you want you filthy filthy I don't know the -- launching joint dominated. -- personalized service lets you design your child with a heart. The -- however -- is not your arm. It's what she gets thrown at you like had been -- everything contagious laugh every little sounds -- dot -- -- you get down low life. -- -- -- of -- car it's here dollar and 95 minute now. Up up up. I don't get a lot of that he's giving up -- The tough enough.

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{"id":18419897,"title":"Cadbury's Custom Valentine's Chocolates","duration":"1:13","description":"The chocolate company allows customers to personalize their chocolate gift.","url":"/GMA/video/cadburys-custom-valentines-chocolates-18419897","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}