California AirBNB Guest Refuses to Leave

Cory Tschogl says the man to whom she rented her condo won't leave, even after getting a full refund.
2:49 | 07/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California AirBNB Guest Refuses to Leave
To the standoff for one woman who went rented out her home using airbnb. The month was supposed to stay a month and a half and now refusing her to leave forcing her to hire a lawyer to try to get him evicted from her own home. ABC's gio Benitez is here with that story. Reporter: Good morning. What a mess. Right now the woman is trying to get that squatter out of her house but as you're about to see, laws are letting him stay put. This morning, a nightmare. Cory says she rented out her stunning 600 square foot condo in Palm Springs, California, through that popular website, airbnb but now more than 30 days later she says the guy who rented it won't leave. And is threatening to sue her. She turned to business insider for help. She was extremely frustrated. She described the whole situation as a nightmare. Reporter: Shakingle told "Business insider" the guest as a airbnb wanted to rent for 44 days and paid for 30 days up front but on day one she says he started complaining about cloudy water and about the condo complex's gated entry before asking for a full refund. She said, okay, fine, that's fine. Just take the refund, just leave. That's all great. Reporter: But he didn't leave. So she waited thinking he would go when the reservation was up. The guest still didn't budge. Shakingle says she texted him threatening to turn off utilities. His reply. He started sending threatening texts. Reporter: According to a legal expert this and other airbnb guests can in some circumstances be considered tenants which means to get her guest evicted shagel has to go through a full eviction process that could months and thousands in legal fees. So airbnb is extremely popular but up to you to understand the rules and laws thatten go our area. Reporter: This morning they paid her for the full reservation and tells ABC news "We're working with her to provide additional support as we move forward." ABC news reached out to that squatter for comment but we haven't heard back and, guy, let's be real. Who knew that a ten apartment law would apply here so that's the big lesson before you rent out your place make sure you know what the state local laws are. Especially now. Airbnb has gotten so popular. This is only going to give people other ideas now. The nanny. I'm not going. I'm song all my stuff and renting from airbnb and stay in somebody's place until they force me out. You have a right to stay. Please do that. That'll be our led. Then you got me right air on air to answer questions about it. No comment. And, Michael, it's a head

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{"id":24659679,"title":"California AirBNB Guest Refuses to Leave","duration":"2:49","description":"Cory Tschogl says the man to whom she rented her condo won't leave, even after getting a full refund.","url":"/GMA/video/california-airbnb-guest-refuses-leave-24659679","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}