California Chrome Co-Owner, Trainer on 'GMA'

Steve Coburn and Perry Martin's horse will try to become the 12th winner of the Triple Crown.
3:00 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for California Chrome Co-Owner, Trainer on 'GMA'
And it's time for California chrome. Let's take a look at him practicing this morning. There's Belmont. That's where the big race is. He's limbering up this morning, getting ready for tomorrow. Could he be the next triple crown winner? So many people already tweeting about the horse right now, predicting victory. And we're so happy to welcome the horses co-owner and Alan Sherman, the trainer right here. How is he feeling this morning? How are you feeling? He's probably feeling better than I am because I'm tired. I am so tired. I think I talked to everybody in the world four times already. But you know? Larry Williams, a friend of ours, he is out at the track. And he watched him gallop. And he called me. He said, he looks really, really nice. He's ready. He looks comfortable on that track? He likes the surface quite well. Oh, good. We aim to please. I want to ask a question about his position. So, he's going to be second, adjacent from the post? Two post position. Is that good? Bad? We found this video. That's where he'll be. Sure. Is that a good spot to be in? And why? I think it's good for him. He's a natural speed horse, too. He come away from there running. And being a former jockey, I rode for 23 years. That's going to be the key of the race, is saving ground. If that way you get to look to see who is up to speed in the race. So, if somebody wants to gun out of there, you can just sit there and wait, have a target to run at. Are you doing anything differently for the Belmont? Obviously, the longest of the three races, to get him ready? Well, he's just been on the triple crown trail. And that's probably the toughest races for any horse. He will -- Kentucky derby, the preakness. He's running three times in five weeks. And if he's not fit by now, he probably won't be. Yeah. You and the co-owners of California chrome operate under the name dumb-ass partners? Oh, yeah. We're serious T that. Yeah. Is there a story? Yeah. When Perry and I, Perry martin, my partner, when him and I brought the filly, love to chase, chrome's mother, we were walking away. And somebody at the barn said, you guys are dumb-asses if you buy this filly and race her? And Perry and I were walking away. And he said, we're dumb-asses. If we're going to be dumb-ass partners, we need to have a jackass on our seal. And the colors are purple and green. Perry's wife, Denise, her favorite color is green. And my wife, her favorite color is purple. There you go. We had this partnership sewed up in about three minutes. Can't wait to see the race.

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{"id":24023637,"title":"California Chrome Co-Owner, Trainer on 'GMA'","duration":"3:00","description":"Steve Coburn and Perry Martin's horse will try to become the 12th winner of the Triple Crown.","url":"/GMA/video/california-chrome-steve-coburn-perry-martins-horse-win-24023637","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}