3rd-Grader Struck With Arrow on Field Trip

A 2-foot-long crossbow arrow fell out of the sky and into the leg of a California girl.
2:06 | 03/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3rd-Grader Struck With Arrow on Field Trip
To that strange story out of california where a third grade girl was playing at recess when a two-foot-long cross bow fell out of the sky into her leg. She's going to be okay but police are working hard to find out how something like this could happen. Abc's john muller has the story. First I felt it and looked down. Reporter: She is only 8 but this morning nadine is recovering from a bizarre experience few could ever imagine. Being struck by a random arrow darting down from the sky. I was sliding down the slide and had an arrow in my leg. Reporter: It happened while she was playing outside on her third grade class field trip to the hall of science. She felt a shock in her left leg and tried to run but Reporter: Luckily the arrow punctured 9 fleshy part of her leg missing all major arteries. The family shared this photo before it was surgically removed. Oddly this isn't the first time a child has been struck by an errant arrow. Last year this 7-year-old was struck in the back by a hunting arrow while she was pushing a doll stroller. She doesn't understand w happened to her. Reporter: Now authorities are investigating. Some speculating it may have come from small game hunter or reckless sportsman in the area. I don't know if they were aiming for me or just the wild. I have no idea. It's certainly possible it might be an accident. A careless accident at the very least but it could also be considered potentially violent felony. Reporter: Luckily her chance encounter is over back to school for a half day to ease her back into her normal routine as a newfound celebrity. It's like a dream and bad at the same time. Because you think you're dreaming when you see an arrow. Now police found several arrows in the hills that surround berkley and are not sure if any are linked to the incident. They listened to taylor swift on the way to the ambulance, her favorite artist and it helped calm her down, guys. Glad it worked. Thanks, john. Now an incredible story out of the cincinnati zoond these

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{"id":18829454,"title":"3rd-Grader Struck With Arrow on Field Trip","duration":"2:06","description":"A 2-foot-long crossbow arrow fell out of the sky and into the leg of a California girl.","url":"/GMA/video/california-girl-struck-crossbow-arrow-school-field-trip-18829454","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}